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Ephesians 4:3

In challenges this day
An answer that we find
Wisdom from our God
Let these words come to mind

Turning to a prayer
Of deeper focus, see
Making every effort
To keep the unity

One found in the Spirit
Of God’s love be aware
Within the trinity
The binding that we share

Connection of our souls
Selfishness to cease
Of greater calling be
Through the bond of peace

Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace

Practice of Unity – Bonaventure

Father, Son and Spirit
Blessed Trinity
Calling us to love
In holy unity

Start with little things
Here now pay attention
Fall in love with it
For its Gods’ creation

Beginning with a rock
In your hands to hold
Can you love it still?
Though it be hard and cold

Next, to gaze at water
Reflect in its beauty
Then to vegetation
Plants, bushes and trees

Look at animals
Our compassion raise
Love of all these things
Giving God our praise

Then and only then
Let our heart prepare
To love other people
Our soul to really care

People not like you
A moving of outside
The comfort of our circle
Where unity resides

To imitate our Savior
In Father and in Son
And like Jesus say
He and I are One

A Place of Unity

Descending from above
From the left or right
Arising from within
Just beyond our sight

A vision of beauty
A sparkle of light
Written Words wisdom
A whisper of insight

But always of the soul
One of connection be
Where love is the binding
A place of unity

Blessings flow around us
Calling us into
The time of moment still
Of union within You