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the Value of a moment

Based upon this post by Sandra J


The value of a moment
Sometimes we’ll never know
Until we gain perspective
Of memory to show

Snow angels in winter
Stars of a summers’ night
The smell of spring rain
Waves of oceans’ light

Let the Lord lead us
And show us the way
With vision of soul
To pause and to pray

It’s only when we see
Through eyes with His view
That allows us to capture
A moments’ value

Your Great Value

You may not know it
Of your great value
You are God’s beloved
Oh yes, this is true

Or perhaps you did
And you’ve lost your way
It’s time to reclaim
This truth today

A moment of silence
In your special place
To listen in prayer
To His voice of grace

This great joy to share
All the day through
As all souls you meet
They’re His beloved too!

Life’s Value

Today, he is important
He leads our company
Found on the internet
Earns so much money

He was a lifelong teacher
Serving forty years
His old school just torn down
Did all disappear?

A Mom was her career
Each moment loving true
Not on the internet
Did her life have value?

Let us not lose sight
Wisdoms view above
True value of our life’s
Found in His binding love

Price of a Sunrise

The price of a sunrise
How much would you pay?
Providing the light
Throughout this day

Another question
How much to live?
For life eternal
How much would you give?

God chooses a price
For you and me
He gives everything
With joy all for free

Mind of a human
In dollars and sense
God’s currency?
Without recompense

Two value systems
One rusts away
The other divine
External of way

In day ahead
Give of money above
Joy in the sharing
Paid for with love