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Vessel of Peace

In peace of the morning
Of offering prayer
Within God’s creation
No evils found here

No one to slander
Control or to shove
No heart of judgement
All one of God’s love

Evil is spread
Born through man’s heart
Prayer, our vaccine
God’s love to impart

Receiving God’s love
To begin our day
A vessel of peace
To bless in His way

Pour into This Vessel

With Word you have spoken
We celebrate
This sacrament
Of Your mystery great

Prepare the soul
Empty it be
With faith in your love
Of transforming me

One of the filling
Of one cup to raise
We offer our thanks
Heart full of praise

Pour into this vessel
Our Jesus of knowing
One of becoming
Your love overflowing

Vessel of Mixing

Blessed are the chosen
In Jesus we believe
His of precious blood
And body we receive

Two separate elements
Incarnate be God’s Son
Desire of our soul
That they be of one

Why not of the mixing
Of dipping into
Of Spirit and human
Divine soaking through

A cup transforming
Such beauty we’d see
Through His wisdom of Grace
This vessel, let us be