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A Blessed View

Though far away
Still, they appear
And in their silence
Their message flows clear

Through the earth’s trials
Still, they remain
For even horizon
Cannot contain

Engrained a desire
To ascend to their way
We know that our Lord
Was drawn there to pray

An offer of treasure
These mountains that be
A vision above
Of perspective to see

In soul or in body
See through this gateway
The view that is blessed
Of our God here this day

Another View

Feeling so frustrated
Don’t know what to do
They don’t understand
They can’t see my view

Let me pause a moment
With a prayer to pursue
With whisper, that there is
Always another view

Lord, help turn my lens
Shed Your light anew
To try to understand
And see things from their view

We’re both right and wrong
Another thought, construe
Perspective of the greater
To see things from Your view

Our View of God

A gaze to horizon
Lifted up high
It’s beautiful how
It holds the sky

How little the view
New insight to birth
It’s really the sky
That holds the earth

And that of beyond
That universe brings
The space that contains
We think everything

What we see of our God
Let our view of Him grow
For He is beyond
All that we know

Faraway View

Horizon of beauty
Of soft colors blue
To pray in it here
This faraway view

In life’s up and downs
Joys and sorrows too
Perspective be of
A faraway view

Same be of heaven
Our greatest value
Your Presence of dwelling
This faraway view

To cherish each moment
Connecting the two
To be fully here
In a faraway view

And may we see
When our life is through
We see what we saw
In this faraway view

Streaming into View

A morning full of blessings
Comes streaming into view
A drawing of the calling
To let the Lord find you

Light of the outpouring
Abundance of fresh air
Peace within the silence
For appetite of prayer

Settle now in stillness
Of humble attitude
Fill the soul of Presence
One of gratitude

Here to know His passion
Of heaven pouring through
One of the receiving
To let Him love you

View of the Soul

A question of man
Throughout history
What does the soul look like
Is a great mystery

Come let me show you
The Lord says to me
A view of your soul
One that I see

Such a glorious sunrise
Of mystical view
Of wonderful splendor
Of light pouring through

Oh Lord you’re the source
Oh love so divine
May we be a reflection
Of Your colors to shine


In all of my life
Of so many views
Places of beauty
Created by You

In this very moment
In the same spot
The views are still there
And yet they are not

In seasons of changing
In colors of sky
In birthing and dying
And movement apply

In this small blue planet
Of views You out pour
Of the unseen
There exists even more

Let the soul ponder
Through Spirit to see
A facet of You
Of infinity

Within Heaven’s View

Each moment’s a poem
One of beauty
When viewing through soul
With You just to be

Attuning the senses
Let go of control
Breathing all in
Feeding the soul

Gift of the now
Receiving, accepting
Perfect right here
Of grateful connecting

All is complete
Aligned with you
Each plays a part
Within heavens view