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Hint of Violet

Slightest hint of violet
In a sky of gray
Whisper of your Presence
You wish to convey

In a room of screaming
A silent soul awaits
Peace of the prevailing
Of heaven, contemplates

Egos testifying
Power to convey
Simplicity of turning
Humility of way

In this world of darkness
Awaits Gods saving Son
A lamb amongst the wolves
Will you be the one?


A Whisper of Violet

A whisper of violet
Is blessed from the night
A gift to the morning
Seen bound in the light

A message of wisdom
For reflective souls here
Of God’s providence
Speaking so clear

Of yesterday’s worries
And fear of unknown
Today is dispelled
The way of God shown

As child beloved
The Lord by our side
Never forsaken
In our soul, faith reside