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Voice of Pentecost

Suddenly from the sky
A noise like a strong wind
Appeared as tongues of fire
Which came to rest within

Filling with the Spirit
Tongues different but the same
Enabled by the Spirit
Each they did proclaim

Wisdom for the chosen
Each of us a choice
Moved within the Spirit
For us to find our voice

Blessing us a mission
A purpose each our own
A humble way of sharing
Making our God known

Mom’s Voice

Oh Ma, I hear your voice
The things that you adore
Ingrained with my heart
Lessons that you stood for

A pure heart of giving
Generosity dispersed
Always to remember
Think of the other first

When you see injustice
The powerful demand
Here now, raise your voice
Always take a stand

Never miss a chance
To practice compassion
Or save a dollar here
To get the latest fashion

Priorities of life
One of family
Little acts of kindness
Planting of beauty

Remember to be kind
Taking time to see
Joy in the little ones
Air of humility

Rejoicing in good news
Happiness it brings
Casting of the view
To speak of happy things

Words that formed my life
Wisdom of value
Help me to live these acts
As unselfishly as you

From Heavens Voice

Beloved one oh hear me now
From heavens, home this voice allow

Oh the love surrounding me
Glorious the soul be free

Desire deep to send to You
The message of His Word so true

The beauty of His love so pure
The hope within this life secure

May treasure be of love to share
All wasted time be one of fear

How wonderful the time will be
When we are bound in love of He