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A Walk in the Fall

Don’t you just love
A clear blue sky
Such leaves of beauty
In air passing by

Don’t you just love
A cool autumn breeze
Caressing the skin
Sets the soul at ease

Don’t you just love
A walk in the fall
To breathe the fresh air
With no cares at all

Don’t you just love
The simple gift
The grace of our God
With our soul to lift

Daisy in the Forest

Upon a walk
A blessed sight
A holy breath
Of sacred light

A streaming ray
Shone from above
Through forest thick
Of touching love

Its destination
Now be known
Upon the ground
A daisy shown

This grand display
Why should it be
In beauty blessed
That God loves me

On a Walk To Go

First movement of day
On a walk to go
A prayer of the being
Of you here to know

I pray with the blue sky
I’ll pray in the breeze
Branches of swaying
With geese floating at ease

I’ll draw in the fresh air
Soul to now raise
With creations beauty
Lift heart with praise

From solitudes moment
A stirring within
Let me bring this blessing
Day’s encounter begin

A Walk in Morning Rain

Not what I expected
First thought is to complain
Practice of accepting
A walk in morning rain

Gentle of the falling
Tepid be the air
Attune to the gifting
Of Spirit, breathing clear

Welcome drops embrace
Washing from above
Cleanse the need controlling
Refreshing gift of love

Wisdom of be-stilling
Immersion, let us pray
Rejoicing in the blessing
Of view, anew this day