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Walking on the Water

We’ve so much going on
And uncertainties, here
In our new directions
Apprehensions and old fears

And always there is
Sadness and joy
Love and gratitude
Resentment and fear

Here, beneath our feet
There so much going on
We wonder if these waves
We still can walk upon

But Jesus is with us
Right now and right here
With eyes fixed upon Him
We can walk without fear

He extends His hands
In His gaze, we see
Do not be afraid
My friend, come to me

In the midst of our storms
He’s our safe dwelling place
In our restlessness
He’s our home of grace

Walking Above

In being with You
Abiding in love
Let me go in the way
In walking above

Like Jesus on water
In grounding below
In Spirit of living
Of Your view to know

Of heavens focus
In light, here this day
For this worlds desires
Are wasting away

Seek now the treasure
One of eternity
The graces of You
Shared abundantly