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Light Upon Water

Light upon water
That sparkles and shines
Captures my soul
Of drawing divine

Sometimes a thousand
Diamonds to see
Announcing a vison
Of Gods great glory

Or waves of moment
Of offer to lift
As beacons of light
Shares joy as their gift

Once in a while
Of pouring within
As a pool of light
Draws the soul in

All that I know
Is it’s drawing to pray
That moves me beyond
To shine the same way

Water Shine

How glorious
This water shine
Brings joy herein
This soul of mine

A stirring now
Within the deep
A drawing prayer
To soul it seeps

From where it flows
This light above
That speaks it’s only
Word of love

A source beyond
And yet is here
Our God within
Arises here

Parable of the Little Fish

There was a little fish; curious was he
Wondered, what is water; So, asked the elderly

Travel far and upward; Raise your eyes and see
Water will you find; Coming down on thee

And so, the fish did swim; Exactly as was told
Rain fell down upon him; Water he behold

He was satisfied; Of this knowledge know
But something stirred within; That deeper he could go

What if he discovered; Of wisdom of sublime
That he lived in an ocean; Of water, all the time

Constantly surrounded; With currents and movements
That water gave him life; And still a greater sense

Water is within him; His nature, very core
Not a distant realm; His being and much more

And so, it is with God; Our relationship to find
Above, around, within; The dwelling of divine

Based upon a story in “Centering Prayer Meditations” by David Frenette

Still Water Still

View captures view
Still water still
Sky empty sky
Fill silence fill

Light shining light
Go letting go
In dwelling in
Know Presence know

Love receive love
Be aware be
Flow Spirit flow
Thee within thee

Share wisdom share
Cease judgment cease
Love sharing love
Peace flowing peace

Grace in the Water

There’s grace in the water
Of possibility
Through a heart of faith
A blessing could save me

Through way of the Word
The true self of me
A calling of answer
A disciple to be

Fruit of the vine
Of Saviors will be done
A single drop of blood
Could save everyone

Within every soul
May we seek and find
The image of God
A spark of divine

Still Be The Water

Sweet is the silence
A beautiful psalm
So still be the water
Of surface so calm

A simple reflection
One of the deep
Into the soul
Let this moment seep

A moving into
Contemplative prayer
A drawing of being
Of your presence here

In language of soul
Of simply to be
One within all
Through the love of thee

The Water Lay

My joy this morning
A time to pray
Tween soul and sun
The water lay

Body of spirit
Calming waves flow
A brilliant reflection
Sets all a glow

Lifting of soul
Word of light shines
Love spoken clear
In sparks of Divine

Still the soul softly
Let nourishment seep
Son, Father and Spirit
Instilled in the deep

Wisdom of Water

Questions of life
For answers we seek
Through wisdom of water
Let the Spirit speak

Temptations of world
Descend from afar
Will drift away
For they’re not who we are

Events of our life
Rise high and low
As waves drift, along
We follow His flow

In stilling waves calm
A beauty to see
In the lights reflection
Be souls’ purpose be

Instilling of Longing

Surrounded in Gray
Of winters adorning
Awaiting the new
Colors of morning

A touching of white
In sprinkling of snow
In rising of light
Of a warming glow

Still water reflecting
The barren trees bones
A pure simpleness
Which the spirit hones

Fruit of the season
In this journey bare
Instilling of longing
Is the gift that you share

Morning Water

Still be mornings water
Song of solemn psalm
Silence of the calling
Inviting soul to calm

View flows to horizon
Eternal captures gaze
Light of hope is calling
Setting heart ablaze

Arise oh eyes of lifting
In peaceful covering
Surrender to the calling
Of Spirit hovering

Fall into reflection
In prayer of gift divine
Fragrance of the calling
Flow through this soul of mine