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Still Waters Stills

Still water still in reflection
A calling of will to release
A drawing of the Spirit calming
One of your heavenly peace

I live in a world of another
In stress that our daily life brings
In sickness and fear filled emotions
Of pain and of real suffering

Two places opposed to each other
Is it to torment my soul
Or serve as a gentle reminder
That you are still in control

Still waters of prayer flow to Jesus
The reason why You sent Him here
Our Savior through in love His passion
Together a cross that we share

Waters of the Soul

Source of life within
The eternal waits
Dwell waters of the soul
Take stock of its fate

Neglected or ignored
No Spirit flowing through
Dried up and stagnating
Pray focus now anew

Oh Savior, living spring
Cleansing of our sin
Gift through Spirit flow
New way here begin

Prayer of feeding stream
Source of grace to seep
Constant source of light
Flow into the deep

Faith to still the surface
Tranquil water be
Jesus of the calming
Flow to eternity