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Ocean of Waves

The great body rises
Crests, then it falls
Seems as a breath
Releasing it all

Light sends its blessing
At touching upon
And with a sparkle
It passes it on

Gaze of consuming
Draws us to belong
One of waves flowing
As we breathe along

A body of greater
Absorbing of me
Lost in the ocean
Of God, symbolically

Waves of the Dawning

Blessed every morning
In waves of the dawning
Senses of filling
The Spirit is spawning

Song of the bird
Ears of the filling
A sparkling reflection
Of colors spilling

Emptiness carries
Sound through the air
A transparency
Allows light shining clear

Hint of reminder
Same be for you
With waves of the Spirit
Through us to flow through

With a gift of sharing
From another place
Let the Spirit flow
With the waves of grace

Waves of Grace

In light of reflection
Clearly, we can trace
Blessings of bestowing
Seen in waves of grace

In path of wrong direction
Not choosing as I should
When I returned to You
Still you make it good

When focus is of You
In serving humbly
With simple acts of love
You light shines joyfully

When we are called home
A way seen perfectly
Of God’s providence
Flowed waves so graciously

Waves, Breath and Prayer

A gaze upon ocean
Of wisdom to know
A wave slowly rises
And then it lets go

A breath of the joining
A drawing of deep
Lungs of the filling
Then outward to seep

A prayer of ascension
Connection above
A drawing within
Of His precious love

A rhythm repeating
With a breath of prayer
Flowing of waves
Of Your love to share

Between the Waves

In ocean of life
Let the soul crave
Seeking of silence
Between the waves

Deep within prayer
Let soul be rebirthed
Seeking your wisdom
Between Heaven and earth

Dwelling above
Unveiling the shroud
Seeking the Light
Between the clouds

Encounter of gifting
Let the truth be heard
Binding of knowing
Between their words