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As the Way Unfolds

In each moment new
A gift our life holds
Let us embrace it
As the way unfolds

As an invitation
To receive and to feel
To experience
What God has to reveal

To taste and to see
In this moment, feel it
Unveiling the here
With a breath of Spirit

As a being so free
One fully aware
To receive and acknowledge
Gods Presence is here

A time to be grateful
And trust God above
A being of prayer
In sharing His love

Our Giving Way

As followers of Christ
We’re blessed to share always
If we think about it
We give in different ways

From wallet or our goods
An online donation
Giving from abundance
A weekly obligation

Giving of our time
In serving or to pray
Sharing of our talents
In our unique own way

We who’ve been forgiven
By grace our Lord imparts
Sharing of compassion
We give from our heart

Of this way to give
Perhaps is the most pure
From our brokenness
It’s our soul we outpour

The Precious Way

Dependent on a being
One that I can’t see
Connection through the soul
That He is loving me

Guided by a Spirit
That the ear can’t hear
A knowing in the soul
That He is dwelling near

Hope within a faith
Of not completely known
Through insights of the soul
The precious way is shown

Wisdom in the Word
Of seed that scripture sends
The promise for the soul
Of One that never ends

Different Way

In native cultures
A different way, seeing
A good education
Is a way of being

A practice of soul
Of simply to be
To just sit and look
When there’s nothing to see

A practice of presence
To be aware
To just sit and listen
When there’s nothing to hear

When lost in the moment
A blessing divine
In losing yourself
It’s yourself that you find

Lead Our Way

Through conversations
Of our souls to share
Lord, nourish the soil
Your grace in this prayer

May we be honest
Our hearts to reveal
Don’t try to be holy
Just try to be real

Souls that are humble
Of no judgement be
Full of compassion
And vulnerability

To bind in our wounds
A place of healing
Light cast on all
To Spirit appealing

My we feel Your Presence
With love that surrounds
Lord, lead our way
In joy that abounds

The Way of the Way

The way the wind speaks
A treasure of seeing
As all of creation
Responds with their being

The way the trees dance
Flowing waves drift
The field sways as one
Gives soaring birds lift

The way the heart longs
Of movement inspire
A prayer of instilling
Fulfills this desire

The way the soul feels
Caress of the skin
The Spirit of calling
Of drawing within

The way of the way
Through Spirit of prayer
Joy in the dancing
Of One love to share

A Candles Way

A shining light
A simple flame
A silent song
Of joy proclaim

Upon an altar
Humbly bare
Proclaiming news
That You are here

Of love to shine
Of Presence known
Of heavens way
Let it be shown

For cold hard wax
The Lord ignites
A melting flame
Of purpose bright

To raise up high
For all to see
This candles way
Let it be me

A Humble Way

Sing to me of mornings song
Which all creation does belong

Drawing deep of shining light
Within the soul which God delights

Know within this binding true
That all connects through love of You

Response to stir of gratitude
Reflect this day our attitude

A humble way of thought embrace
That all is Gods, and all is grace

A Ripple in the Way

Gaze into still water
A stirring here this day
Draws attention to
A ripple in the way

Friend deep of the needing
An offering to pray
Compassion flows in love
A ripple in the way

Overwhelmed in darkness
A light to display
Humble act of kindness
A ripple in the way

When I hear You calling
Let my will obey
Oh Lord may my life be
A ripple of Your way

Way of the Butterfly

Within the light of morning
Something is calling me
To dwell within its silence
To sit and just to be

Grateful for the moment
Blessing way of ease
Drawing souls’ attention
To gift upon the breeze

To drift the way of butterfly
In garden of retreat
Follow way of spirits breath
Feast on nectar sweet

Connection to the world
In pausing, just to rest
Basking wings within the light
Grateful for day blessed