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Well with My Soul

Stilling now, my soul, my soul
One of simple prayer
You love me, I love you
It’s good that we are here

Quiet now, my soul, my soul
Of centering to be
Dwelling of the Spirits glow
Letting You find me

Open now, my soul, my soul
Of Presence to receive
Your love permeating
So easy to believe

Offer now, my soul, my soul
Letting it all go
Into trusting hands
Faith that you bestow

Listen now, my soul, my soul
Let Spirit guide this day
Though the cross be heavy
Blessed be the way

Grateful now, my soul, my soul
God of goodness, true
Let Your love move my soul
To share the grace of You


She came to draw water
He came to draw too
The Samarian woman
He shattered her view

A conversation
Each one of a need
The gate of heaven
He shattered indeed

Through knowing her heart
This lost soul did find
Jesus of knowing
He shattered her mind

A transformation
Each they did claim
With love and with joy
He shattered her shame

Drawing and needing
We all do pursue
Claiming and knowing
He shatters us too