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A Divine Whisper

Blessed this moment
Of light upon earth
The sky finds its’ color
This day given birth

A moments reflection
Of will offered here
Arise now oh soul
As a being of prayer

In sacred silence
Holy light from above
A whisper divine
Breathes a breath of love

You are not what you do
You are not your fears
You are not what they say
Release all that here

As the beloved
Come be yourself true
Reborn as My child
Let My love shine through

A Whisper of Color

A whisper of color
A hint of the light
Blesses away
The last breath of night

A humble Foreshadow
Of hope in this day
Creators preview
In horizons Display

A silhouettes portrait
With message ingrained
A offer of purpose
That He has ordained

Let us turn to
His direction of gifting
Of heaven to shine
With our will of lifting

A Whisper of Violet

A whisper of violet
Is blessed from the night
A gift to the morning
Seen bound in the light

A message of wisdom
For reflective souls here
Of God’s providence
Speaking so clear

Of yesterday’s worries
And fear of unknown
Today is dispelled
The way of God shown

As child beloved
The Lord by our side
Never forsaken
In our soul, faith reside

Whispers Practice

In this sullen morn
Vision is serene
Waters mist is rising
Drawing in-between

For the light is calling
Though hidden in clouds mask
Faith of whispers practice
Prayer in which to bask

Soul come enter into
Of presence be aware
One of greater purpose
Past this worldly care

Where love is the treasure
Beyond of egos, me
Dwelling just above
Where visions shared with thee