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Out My Window

A gaze out my window
What do you see?
So much found within
This scene of beauty

A peaceful blue
Above in the sky
An island of white
Clouds passing by

A pasture of blessings
On which the trees grow
Hope of the birth
That spring will bestow

A fence symbolic
Which separates me
From moving beyond
My safe property

Each with a message
With purpose of love
That all is a blessing
From our God above

Window to Window

In blessed adoration
Connection we find
A window to heaven
Through body divine

In a blessed prayer
Past senses we span
A window of soul
Through body of man

In way of the Spirit
Connection of two
Window to window
Light passing through

In way of the way
The fruit of this prayer
A blessing this day
Of this light to share

Window of the Morning

The calling of the Spirit
In the light of dawning
Opens unto us
Window of the morning

Incredible the blessings
Of which our God does give
Offered unto us
Is the choice to live

Sip the coffee slowly
Draw the fresh air deep
Allow the love of God
Into the soul deep

Pause within each moment
In sight, sound and flavor
The goodness of our God
In our soul to savor

Window of Heaven

Through the open door
A gift of glory
The window of heaven
Is here before me

In bending of knees
Through soul of the seeing
A dance of divine
Falling into being

Revealing beyond
Divinities door
The treasures of heaven
Here, You outpour

Light overflowing
A shower of grace
One Word of knowing
Loves the embrace

A Little Window

Bless a little window
Shine a little light
Send a little hope
One of soul’s insight

Gift a little faith
Spark a little flame
Speak a little word
Faith of which to claim

Seek a little silence
Be a little still
Say a little prayer
Offer up your will

Looking through the window
Truth to contemplate
His desire to out pour
All His treasures, great

Window Clear

Pause of preparation
Before our time to pray
Let expectations flee
Let you lead the way

Soul to be just present
One of fully here
For you are excited
To bless your gifts prepared

Grateful of accepting
One of spirit flowing
Love instilled in soul
Not fully of the knowing

Practice of the way
Focus not of me
Just a window clear
Shining light of thee

Clouds Through The Window

Viewing through the window
The clouds rolling along
In this moment be
Together we belong

One that draws above
A greater way to see
In its message strong
Connected all are we

One of heavens view
Wisdom that is graced
Available to all
Covering embraced

One of providence
In journey of the way
Let us flow together
With one voice let us pray

A Window

It’s only a window
That separates us
Let us gaze through
With soul here to trust

Let’s open the window
Let spirit flow through
A drawing we find
Of God loving you

A passage of being
Surrender into
One of accepting
We all do pursue

A realization
An embrace into fall
He was already here
No window at all

A Little Window

Create a little window
To let my light shine through
Spirit of the flowing
Some ideas for you

Pause within the sunshine
To let it warm your face
Soaking to the soul
One of inner space

Song of the soul singing
Flowing out of praise
Gratitude of being
Psalm of Spirit raise

Act of humble kindness
One to not repay
Soul of the encounter
Goodness send their way

Word within of dwelling
Spark of deep insight
Savoring the meaning
Soul of flame, ignite

Coming To the Window

Coming to the window
‘Tween heaven and earth
Vision unseen known
Through our second birth

One of the beyond
Of the Holy Grail
Through the love of Son
Spirits breath inhale

Light of overflowing
Love comes pouring through
Showered in the knowing
Of joy arising, new

Seeing with souls vision
Saints and angels sing
The way of heavens path
Be our everything