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Soft Colors Rise

This first winter morning
Of autumn goodbyes
A reflection of heart
As soft colors rise

A gentle transition
As this new day begins
That whispers forgiveness
As peace settles in

A seasons transition
Of opportunity
A blessing of setting
The soul’s priorities

A time of the dwelling
To empty the way
To savor the Word
In a season to pray

Emptiness of Winter

The sky is gray
The trees are bare
The air is cold
No colors share

The air is still
Emptiness here
In silence found
A seed of prayer

To warm the soul
To seek the light
Of fruit received
In Spirit bright

Of soil blessed
Of hope to keep
In binding of
These roots grown deep

Picture of Flowers

In the depth of winter
In barrenness of view
I caught a glimpse of picture
Of color that shown through

Masterpiece of beauty
A wonderful display
A garden of flowers
That seems so, far away

Contrast to the outlook
Of this morn’, cold and gray
Let it warm the soul
And take it now to pray

With vision of capture
Of season to know
The coming of hope
For our Lord to show

Winters Light

Awake into morning
Of soft winters light
Connection to soul
Of brilliance so bright

Something is different
In the way it shines
Of emptiness filling
This heart of mine

In palette of silence
A warming to know
In dusting of diamonds
On a blanket of snow

Empty the branches
Offers intent
Rich are the blessings
Of Spirit that’s sent

A Winters Snow

So softly and gently
Falls a winters snow
From heaven above
To the earth below

Peace is prevailing
His grace to bestow
Mercy is blessed
For each soul to know

Soul come to resting
Of prayer nice and slow
Being of stilling
Let the Spirit flow

Unique are the blessings
That we have to show
Giving, receiving
Of His love to sow

A Winters Dawning

Soft is the sunrise
Within winters chill
Colors are warming
Moving soul still

A capture of drawing
Transfixed in the glow
Desire to move on
Is lost in letting go

Inner of the calling
With gift of answered prayer
Beauty of the being
This moment that we share

Joy within dwelling
Appearing shining bright
Found a new perspective
In birth of dawning light

A Pause of Winter Snow

Viewing of the winter snow
Or rather, it found me
Pausing of the busy
To marvel in beauty

Firstborn of the season
One to dedicate
A prayer unto Creator
For His gift so great

Blessed within the falling
A peaceful covering
A surrendering unto
Is our offering

Worldly plans obscured
By horizon white
Adrift within the blessings
Of this new insight

Gray Winter Day

A window of viewing
What does the soul say?
An inner reflection
In this gray winter day

The outer is barren
A chill in the air
In silent surrounding
Reminder You’re here

Word of indwelling
A pause here to claim
Light of the warming
Of eternal flame

A view through Your prism
Let heavens gifts shine
Arise in souls stoking
With joy of divine

Winters Sunset

Soft is winters sunset
Through forests empty bones
Gentle its descent
Feeling all alone

Comfort in its presence
As quiet breeze flows through
Empty solitude
Finds its way to You

Desert of the season
Song is silent sent
Outer turning inwards
Easy souls consent

Outside vision barren
Wisdom dwells within
Spirits guiding treasure
Warms anew herein