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There Comes a Time to Go

Words of my Grandmother
Wisdom to bestow
Step by step in life
There comes a time to go

Off to kindergarten
Out of her arms to grow
Take a step of courage
There comes a time to go

College now before me
She’s proud of me, I know
Take a step of knowledge
There comes a time to go

Joy of my wedding day
Love is all aglow
A step of commitment
There comes a time to go

When her time had come
Our tears overflowed
Remember all our steps
The most important know

Journey of a lifetime
Of our Lord to know
With a step of faith
It came her time to go

Wisdom of the Dawning

Let us pray and ponder
Within horizons view
The Wisdom of our God
How each day starts anew

Whether sun is shining
Or dark clouds appear
I want you to know
My light is shining clear

See upon grass laying
On each blade it does fall
Upon all of creation
Love freely blessed to all

Know within my seeking
Nothing to earn or do
A gift of the receiving
The response is up to you

Book of Wisdom (11:22-12:2)

In the book of Wisdom
A truth to decry
Know it in your bones
Words to live life by

Your love always comes first
All good in this portrayed
You love all things, that are
Loathe nothing You have made

Oh, lover of our soul
Your Spirits in all things
Relentlessly pursues
Salvation that You bring

Everything that is
Is loved into being
A tapestry of love
In all that we’re seeing


Each day growing older
In the mirror to see
A changing of body
How ‘bout internally

Hair getting thinner
Turn from vanity
Letting that go
Towards humility

Ears growing larger
Let wisdom outpour
Encounters this day
To speak less, and hear more

New wrinkles appearing
Please let them grow
Not out of fear
But joy here to know

Wisdom of Water

Questions of life
For answers we seek
Through wisdom of water
Let the Spirit speak

Temptations of world
Descend from afar
Will drift away
For they’re not who we are

Events of our life
Rise high and low
As waves drift, along
We follow His flow

In stilling waves calm
A beauty to see
In the lights reflection
Be souls’ purpose be

Glimpses of Heaven

Sometimes in refection
It’s a blessing true
Glimpses of heaven
When we see Gods view

When we lived a moment
We didn’t understand
But of greater picture
Masterful the plan

How wonderful the day
When will truly see
Our entire life
A way of true beauty

Seen within the light
Of selfishness denied
Our simple acts of love
Our Lord magnified

Rejoicing in His grace
Of our soul affecting
Growing in lived faith
Wisdom we’re collecting

Gift of Wisdom

Blessed gift of wisdom
When our view depends
Reflection of our life
Seen through our Gods’ lens

Sorrows of the heart
Hurts we deeply feel
Through them soul is stronger
When through You we heal

Time of our true joy
Gifts that You bestow
When they’re shared in You
Gratitude we know

Unique our path of life
Through guiding Spirit be
One of Your true love
Blessed to wisdom see

Seeking the Farmer

They’ve planted the seeds
Nourished the earth
Through perseverance
A prayer given birth

Warmed in light shining
As heavens rain flow
In time of the season
We see the fruits grow

In time of the harvest
Grace here bestow
Basket of filling
Now overflows

A bounty of blessings
To be given away
To those of encounter
Who’ll they meet this day

Let us be willing
Attune open ear
Seeking the farmer
For their wisdom shared

Wisdom of Bestowing

Let us enter now
In simple preparation
Stilling of the soul
In blessed adoration

Embraced in Your embracing
Received in sweet receiving
Light within Your light
Beyond of mind believing

Sacred Spirit swirl
Human sense freeing
Encompassed in Your love
In holiness of being

Wisdom of bestowing
Lens of guiding view
To walk this day above
Let vision be through You

Soul to Fashion

Such beauty within
A young soul to fashion
The elder is guiding
With lifetime of passion

In wisdom of years
And Gods view to share
To identify
The gifts that they bear

Encourage and bless
To shine in Gods light
Awareness of blessings
His purpose, highlight

Gift of true beauty
One of two sides
Book of the binding
In which Love resides

A delicate nurture
Within loves embrace
Free of the ego
Showering of grace

Love everlasting
Which heaven is fond
Joy in the blessing
Of an eternal bond