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Womb of Grace

My soul is drawn to
This holy place
A chapel of Presence
Of a sacred space

Of divine sacrament
A pasture of prayer
Soul of the molding
Finds nourishment here

Reflection of light
Of echoing Word
With lingering incense
The Spirit is heard

Each morning a greeting
Of welcomed embrace
Oh, how I treasure
This womb of grace

Womb of Embrace

How can one describe
The comfort of the soul
Found with Your presence
A feeling being whole

Safe within our home
Of deep security
A welcoming acceptance
Of fully knowing me

Peace within our dwelling
Of soft surrounding grace
A sweet belovedness
The womb of loves embrace

Our treasure of divine
A taste of the to be
Of love that is just is
For all eternity

Womb of Your Presence

Place where I was born
Life began to bloom
Home within the safety
Of my mother’s womb

Finding a returning
In dwelling here with You
In womb of Your Presence
Where souls’ blessed anew

Intimate sharing
Safe and secure
To be of one being
Of binding so pure

Nestled within
Of the inner room
A birthing of Spirit
For Your love to bloom