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Word of Lent

Prayer of repeating
Precious word of lent
Flowing into You
Receiving Spirit sent

L be of letting go
E of emptying
N of the needing
T be of trusting

Lent roll off the tongue
Offered up to You
In waves of surrender
Spirit flowing through

Soft be soul of molding
Heart of cleansing be
One breath of combining
Season of beauty


One Word Woven

Words to us receiving
All throughout our day
A practice of responding
A pause for us to pray

Voice of anger raising
Words to us they shove
Direction of the turning
Responding now in love

Intimate their sharing
Trust in us impart
Compassion of the forming
Responding heart to heart

Bending of the truth
Opinion here they seek
With clarity of vision
Through tongue let Spirit speak

Within a song of lyric
Distractions here now cease
Drawing it to prayer
With the soul to feast

Be woven in the heart
One Word to proclaim
Shared with hope and joy
And Jesus is His name

One Word This Day

On knee before the Lord
A Word of quick insight
Wisdom powerful
Spoken through the light

Flowing to the soul
Planted in the deep
May it blossom wide
Through our being seep

Always on the mind
Shining through the heart
In sharing and receiving
Binding love impart

Let its fragrance linger
Fully to embrace
Treasure of divine
The sacred word is grace

Let it echo onward
Grace in all we hear
Grace in all decisions
Grace in words we share

Beyond Mouth Forming

Word beyond mouth forming
Too beautiful to speak
One of universal
Which every soul does seek

Shone in joy of heart
Intention of the pure
Unselfish sacrifice
Persistence to endure

One of binding love
Humility of heart
Born of one true light
Graces to impart

Perhaps in lyrics sound
In soul to resonate
Glimpsed in verse of poem
Spoke in scripture great