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A Blessing of Word

A sharing of kindness
To my ears are heard
Beyond just the spoken
A blessing of words

And letting it soak
Dwell on the affection
Beyond the words
Two hearts of connection

Take it to prayer
Deeper of finding
Beyond the connection
Is love in the binding

One of the greater
As wisdom is stirred
Beyond the binding
Known is the Word

The Word Beyond

A glorious vision
Overwhelms me
What is the word
That’s beyond beauty

Deep the indwelling
Of presence above
What is the word
To describe beyond love

So sacred the moment
When all our fears cease
What is the word
Found beyond peace

Blessed is the soul
To become aware
That the word beyond
Is gifted right here

A Word from Above

A vision this morning
That drew me in here
Of pausing within
Of a listening prayer

Of looking above
I heard a word clear
From one that’s passed on
Held in our soul, dear

One of the heart
A whisper in ear
A message of love
That you want to share

It was my time to go
To be with our Lord, near
To do some things with Him
That I couldn’t do here

The Only Word

My child, my beloved
How I love you dear
I love you completely
Right now, and right here

Yes but, I’m a sinner
Yes but, if you know
Take now all the “yes buts”
Throw them out the window

Cherish the Word love
Repeating nice and slow
Savoring, surrounding
Soaking in its’ flow

Love, love, love, love
How I love you so
Love, love, love, love
Grace that You bestow

Word of the beginning
Until the end is heard
Let there be no other
As loves’ the only word

Living Word of Being

Father, Son and Spirit
You welcome us in to
Love of the divine
Gift beyond value

Truth of the accepting
Warmth in Your embrace
Treasure beyond know
Flowing mercies grace

Let us be of being
Deep of the within
Nourishing the soul
Soaking You all in

One of transformation
Of giftings to prepare
Living Word of being
Of Your love to share

Word to Be

Words impart
As morning light
Stirs the heart

Soaking in
The silent word
The inner place
Where Spirits heard

Treasures blessed
Words overflow
Showers gifts
Too much to know

Simple now
The way to see
As loves the only
Word to be

Word of the Becoming

Reading of the Word
Into thought of turning
Through a spark of Spirit
Thought becomes a yearning

Into simple silence
Drawing into praying
Love becomes the Word
Spirit of conveying

Being of the sacred
Spirit of absorbing
Love of the becoming
Word of the transforming

Blessing of the sending
Soul of the preparing
Servant of becoming
Word to be of sharing

Word Becomes the Door

When searching for answers
The Way to explore
A binding to open
The Word becomes the door

Friendship is offered
With love that is pure
A drawing within
The Word becomes the door

The Spirit inspired
Gifts shared and more
With lessons of wisdom
The Word becomes the door

In struggles and sin
Forgiveness outpour
With mercy blessed
The Word becomes the door

Before heaven’s gate
A key to secure
By price that’s been paid
The Word becomes the door

Living Word Consuming

A gathering of souls
In celebration great
Feast offered to all
In silence, contemplate

Living word consuming
Mystery foretelling
Blessed in precious grace
In being of dwelling

State of deep within
Time of moment stilling
A movement of the soul
Food of the fulfilling

One of the beyond
Past our comprehension
Letting Spirit flow
Way of the ascension

Word of Lent

Prayer of repeating
Precious word of lent
Flowing into You
Receiving Spirit sent

L be of letting go
E of emptying
N of the needing
T be of trusting

Lent roll off the tongue
Offered up to You
In waves of surrender
Spirit flowing through

Soft be soul of molding
Heart of cleansing be
One breath of combining
Season of beauty