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Into Words

Not sure why I do it
Perhaps it is absurd
Of listening to Spirit
And put it into words

Of these precious moments
A gift of passing by
Of capturing these treasures
I just have to try

Of one which silence speaks
Like holding onto light
Perhaps somewhere within
The soul can bind them tight

Returning in reflection
A book of pages bound
I know of the intent
The Word of love is found

Words of Our Life

A question to ponder
Of joy or of strife
What are the words
That have shaped your life

Words that cut deep
That make the way rough
Wounds of the heart
You’re not good enough

Or of performance
Of things you must do
If you’re a good person
I’ll be proud of you

Let us take control
To let the soul, grow
For it is time now
To let those words go

Found in the scriptures
One Word to show
Let it shape our life
Its Jesus to know

Don’t Let the Words

Let humbleness rein
When trying to pray
For don’t let the words
Get in the way

So easy to do
True feelings impart
Flowing of all
Right from your heart

Truth of unspoken
One of outpouring
A finding of grace
Our God of adoring

So good for the soul
This practice to be
In binding in God
The freeing of me

Words That Bear Fruit

Let my heart be pure
Of your love, let it be
With words that bear fruit
Flowing out of me

View in another soul
Practice to exercise
One of encouragement
Your gifts to recognize

Through a simple smile
Kindness in our eyes
To listen with the heart
Silence of the wise

Quick to share a blessing
Mercy to outpour
Forgiveness be our way
Binding we adore

For the Word is love
Planted seeds of thee
Found within our prayer
The Lord speaks them to me

Words of God

Desire of our soul
Curiosity of mind
If only we could know
Word of God to find

Read within the scriptures
An answer to be found
When asking of Your name
“I am” is so profound

In time of deepest need
Appealing with a prayer
Comforting with peace
“I know” is spoken clear

The Word, of who you are
Is found everywhere
We know we find You, when
“I love” is what we hear

A Gift of Your Words

Would you bless me
A gift of your words
Of your deepest thoughts
Let your heart be heard

One of true feelings
Your hopes, fears and dreams
Your current emotions
Feel free to scream

I’ll listen completely
No judgement to see
With ear of compassion
In arms of safety

I’ll offer some wisdom
Relationship share
Love in the binding
One of true prayer

Christmas Words

Christmas words surround us
Our rather, holiday
Let them not past by us
Dwell on what they say

Hope of a great message
Joy can truly be
Peace upon this world
Let them arise in me

A Saviour born to us
Truth now to realize
Eternal offered to us
This is our great prize

When upon their viewing
Let us turn to prayer
In the truth of knowing
God is with us here