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Message to the World

If you were chosen
With a chance today
To speak to the whole world
What words would you say

We are one family
In which we all belong
Can’t we all agree
Just to get along

Or to quote the scripture
To let it all be heard
From John 3:16
Of the living word

Or to plant a seed
A gift from God above
A message of the truth
That you are deeply loved

As a chosen one
To live your life His way
You are a living gospel
With whom you meet this day

Jesus Still Here

Here is a question
Of thought now to ponder
What if our Jesus
On earth, still did wander

Of each of our Churches
To further divide
Each of them fighting
For Him on our side

And what of our leaders
Of their status to lose
Would they crucify Him
Their power to use

Or the press and TV
Distortion to bring
To increase their ratings
To sell many things

And what about us
Some proof there to be
Or just to use Him
To benefit me

Whether on earth or not
The same here is true
But Lord I do pray
That you help change my view