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Cast to the Horizon

Overwhelmed this morning
With my fears and worry
Cast unto the horizon
Of thoughts of what’s to be

For the time of darkness
And shadows of the night
Soon will be consumed
By love within the light

Found within the dawning
A day that’s blessed anew
Prepared by our Creator
Of His holy view

Bask in colors flowing
Let light and warmth flow through
A prayer of offered trust
Into the hands of You

All Will Be OK

An early memory
When fear has gone astray
A Mothers gentle arms
Speaks all will be OK

Her knowledge born through faith
She taught us to pray
Through providence of God
That all will be OK

In sickness and in strife
Her last words to convey
We trust her soul beyond
That all will be OK

In valleys dark of night
A voice as clear as day
My child, trust I know
That all will be OK

Not to Fear

Come now, not to worry
Here now, not to fear
Rest now, my beloved
Know that, I am here

Try now, give it to me
Right now, one to share
Time now, my beloved
See an, answered prayer

Learn now, of repeating
Soul now, to repair
Bind now, my beloved
For you, I deeply care

Trust now, freedom living
Hope now, no despair
Joy now, my beloved
Know I, love you dear