Gods Delight

Voices lifted, praises sung
Humble hearts adore
Spirit swirls in sweet song
Grateful hearts outpour

One heart sings, our God delights
Light rains from above
The Spirit moves, our souls can see
The Word spoken in love

The current flows, marvels shine
Glimpses witnessed from beyond
Angels gather in the fray
How can we respond?

Surrendered wills, bow down in awe
Spirit burning bright
Rejoicing in our Gods good grace
We praise with all our might!

Light On Water

Light on water, Spirit bright
Wisdom in the flow
Consuming grace, draw me in
Heavens blessings, You bestow

Moments treasure, connection made
By submission of the will
Breath of Spirit, move in me
The empty void you fill

Path ahead, hill to climb
My cross, You bear the load
In my soul, Your vision be
Will aligned, we walk the road

Sacred Window

In a moments blessing
Grace that You bestow
Won by blood of passion
Sacred Your window

Through view of Your creation
Sacred of the now
Delicate in growing
Colors You allow

Painted in a dawning light
To grand of majesty
Stillness of reflection
Is glimpsed Your mystery

Breath taken by beauty
Soul is nourished deep
A moving in the scene
Through narrow passage seep

Nurtured in a garden
A vineyard that You tend
Perspective of new heights
A covering You send

Waves of grace eternal
Of never ending love
Song of soul in sending
A vision from above

Selfless love is witnessed
In light that’s passing through
Brotherhood in bonding
We’re His creation too

Mist of Spirit Rising

Mist of Spirit rising
Ascending in the light
A dance within the drifting
Warming cool of night

Calming ripples sounding
Peace within the heart
Moment of the blessing
A grace that You impart

Bridge of unseen ending
Lifts above the flow
Rock of Your foundation
Trust of passage know

Waves ahead are churning
Turbulence is seen
Drops arise in splashing
It’s beauty to be gleamed

Constant light of shining
Grasps attention clear
Dance of Spirit rising
Is always dwelling near

Dawning light is drawing
Closer to the soul
A message in the painting
From this morning’s knoll

Gift for the Poet

Berries of red, fruit of summer
Displayed in branches bare
Song of the stream, sings its sweet song
Beauty lifted in air

Glorious light, parade of the flow
Inspiring moment of heart
Winged take flight, in moment of grace
Outside of the seen, we depart

Letting go of the known, into voice of the soul
The journey of Spirit ascends
Glory of light covers the way
This time of being, transcends

Just You and me, Creator and soul
Embraced in the falling in-to
Melting into pure love, breath taken away
Surrendered, wanting nothing but You

Looking out Looking in

Looking out through senses seen
Through wounds that skew the view
Ensnared with pride and ego thoughts
Let me see the true

Looking in with faith unseen
To God who dwells within
Align my will with the one
Who saves us from our sin

Looking out with path reset
A vision through the light
With humble heart I take a step
Intent to do what’s right

Looking in throughout my day
Attentive to Your will
I find my strength within Your love
And all my needs You fill


Life is getting weary
Clouds greet me this day
Monday morning duties
Burdening the way

A tendency to focus
On the weight of me
An indicator warning
Another view to see

Time to change the focus
To ways that I can serve
Seeing needs of others
Not what I deserve

Dwell upon the lonely
Needing help this day
Tend Your Spirit quickly
Sending prayers their way

Inspire ideas holy
Of kindness to be shared
Surprise of unexpected
That somebody cares

Let eyes see with a vision
To help a broken soul
With words of You uplifting
Worries You console

No longer I am lonely
Your Word touched me this day
A broken soul in healing
My weight taken away

I see the sun now shining
The light has broken through
Though sky is overcast
Soul sees the love of You

Ripples in Beyond

Souls of heavens dwelling
Embraced within the light
We turn to grace in bonding
Focus shining bright

Of you who dance with angels
Rejoicing within song
With vision of our Lord
Through soul we all belong

Our connection in this world
Ripples in beyond
Counting on loves binding
Turning to the bond

Send Spirit of the message
Of voice to help us see
The truth within your knowing
The perspective of eternity

That love lives on forever
Troubles all will pass
Turn to Christ in seeing
His gaze eternal last

Living Life

In which are the moments
When I will live my life
They are found in joy
And they are found in strife

Moments which are chosen
Passion in the air
Desire of the heart
Times in which we share

Treasures of the heavens
Love in binding page
Cherished in the heart
Found in every age

All are wrapped in You
Stories glisten bright
Engrained within the soul
Recalled with pure delight

These moments are in You
Serving in Your way
Stepping out in challenge
True being to portray

Day not pass me by
Stolen by routine
Let me live this gift
As Your plan is seen

A Thousand Angels

Angels sing through sparkling light
Gift of heavens precious grace
Let me join in praise abundant
In the moment, in this place

A beauty seen in this encounter
Beyond this world, the soul can see
A moment’s gift of unique splendor
My God confirms His love, for me

A message sent, to show His love
A thousand angels, shine their light
I sit in awe, a cherished treasure
A blessed gift of God’s pure light