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Your True Security

In our prayer this morning
No words need to flow
Wrapped with My arms
My love, let me show

Practice of receiving
Come now let it go
Challenges before you
Yes my child, I know

Focus of the changing
From fears unto Me
Gaze of loved bestowing
Light of grace to see

Rest in faith of knowing
Forever you will be
In my embrace of dwelling
Your true security


Gift of Belovedness

A treasure awaits
Unclaimed gift of love
Of our belovedness
From our God above

We are loved completely
Not based on what we do
Let us embrace it fully
In our soul ring true

Fruit sprouts from its truth
Of resounding joy
Light of You emitting
Love to share, employ

Engrain in the soul
Echo through and through
In everyone you meet
They’re His beloved too!

A Whisper of Violet

A whisper of violet
Is blessed from the night
A gift to the morning
Seen bound in the light

A message of wisdom
For reflective souls here
Of God’s providence
Speaking so clear

Of yesterday’s worries
And fear of unknown
Today is dispelled
The way of God shown

As child beloved
The Lord by our side
Never forsaken
In our soul, faith reside

Attuned to You

Gentle sky of palette blue
Blesses us in day anew

Sunlight streams in warming light
Sparks the soul in pure delight

Silence stirs the inner way
Peace is drawing us to pray

Gentle breeze comes flowing through
Brings Spirits touch into our view

In journeys path ahead this day
Attuned to You, pray our soul stay

The Souls’ Light

The day is birthed
In innocence light
The source of all
Lays down, contrite

As day moves on
Intensity rises
Darkness to cease
Dispelling it guises

In dusk descending
A calm slowing down
A breeze of forgiveness
As wisdom surrounds

In darkness of light
On waves set a glimmer
Contemplation at rest
As the moonlight shimmers

Perhaps here a vision
As souls light shines through
The way we reflect
The light blessed from You

Losing Joy

There are five “Urr-ings”
The evil one employs
Ways that He creeps in
And steals away our joy

Anger is “Grr-ing”
Resentment that we know
Free us now our Lord
Forgive and let it go

Useless worrying
Dwelling on what may be
Let us trust in You
Prayer of serenity

Way of hurrying
Way too much to do
Be in moment now
And share in love with You

World of constant luring
Temptation here to sin
When attachments call
A prayer to You begin

Vision of the blurring
Pleasure found of mans
Don’t lose sight of Gods love
His purposes and plans

Based upon thoughts from ParishDynamics