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Away from the Noise

Away from the noise
Breath of fresh air
A practice of being
Fully right here

Let world of the lies
Now drift away
And truth of my lord
Speak when I pray

Of all who I am
And whom I’m to be
Center in love
In simplicity

A child of God
A chosen of light
A soul that’s beloved
A cherished delight

Power of Presence

Something within
Of the soul is gnawing
A simple response
To answer the drawing

Through the church door
Real is the knowing
The power of Presence
Is here, overflowing

In deep stillness
Flows peace in the air
A nourishing silence
The Word received clear

Bound in one body
With every soul here
A beautiful binding
Of heaven to share

Easy surrender
Of falling into
Deep the desire
To stay here with You

Communion of Spirit

To relish your bread
To savor your wine
Oh how I long for
Your gifts of divine

An offer of practice
Of here now to share it
To nourish the soul of
Communion of Spirit

I believe in your presence
In the soul to share
An embrace of love
‘Cause youโ€™re are already there

Uniting myself
Fully in You
And that of one body
We all share in too

People of the Presence

People of the Presence
Are fully aware
Where ever we may be
Can be a sacred prayer

Souls of silence
Living here, above
Surrendering to Spirit
Speak the Word of love

Beings of the broken
Dependent all are we
Healed and made complete
By the grace of Thee

Children of the chosen
Of faith to believe
Blessed with heavens treasure
Share what weโ€™ve received

Lovers of the light
With radiance of glow
A fragrance of the humble
Eternal peace to know


Surrounding the earth
What is it to know
In the night sky
The moon casts its glow

Moving the tides
Of the ocean blue
Catching my gaze
It draws me it too

One of reflection
In darkness of night
Of different phases
In shining the light

Perhaps of a calling
As the prophets do
A purpose of showing
The beauty of You

Count Me In

And of the sunrise
Come let me be
One that is full
Of such beauty

One to fall into
So easy to pray
Gentle the stillness
Of peace to convey

If this is your offer
Of day to begin
To see You in new ways
Oh Lord, count me in

From east to west
Your covering blessed
Let every soul turn
With faith to profess

Daisy in the Forest

Upon a walk
A blessed sight
A holy breath
Of sacred light

A streaming ray
Shone from above
Through forest thick
Of touching love

Its destination
Now be known
Upon the ground
A daisy shown

This grand display
Why should it be
In beauty blessed
That God loves me