Definite Purpose

If words, we believe
We must be elated
“For definite purpose
We’ve all been created”

Let it sink in
With great comprehension
Our very existence
Is Gods intention

With us and in us
He wants to accomplish
A definite purpose
With joy be astonished

Once you perceive
Your blessed vocation
Then you must act
With great motivation

Prayer of the Air

With simple intent
From world disappear
Into the open
Creation appear

Into days birthing
Where soul can breathe clear
Beyond is the view
Of me less aware

Into the stilling
Peace in the air
Soaking of soul
A will to prepare

Spirit of swirling
Come embrace here
One of our being
Surround soul in prayer

Returns from The Past

In days of gray sky
Of colors long gone
When vision is cloudy
A gift comes along

Blessing of sharing
Returns from the past
An act of love shared
Proves echo that lasts

One long forgotten
That grew in friend’s soul
Shines back to me now
A light that consoles

Hope shining bright
That Spirit imparts
The wind blows deep
Inside the heart

Soft Arising

Have no words to capture
This gift of moments time
Soul knows of its treasure
One of the sublime

Colors soft arising
Whispering through the trees
Mist of vision forming
A gift of soul at ease

Peace is the word spoken
Wrapped in silent hymn
Symphony of silence
Soaks the word within

Beauty of unspoken
Unveiling of the true
Time before the dawn
A vision into you

Your Journey Here

You set upon a journey
For soon you will depart
One that takes you to me
Know you’re in my heart

With great anticipation
Of your arrival here
I wait with open arms
Long to have you near

May you travel safely
No rush upon your way
Enjoy the beauty blessed
Moments of this day

Drive upon the slow road
Taking time to see
Gifts set out before you
That speak divinity

One of conversation
With souls encountered blessed
Arrival with a story
The Spirit can attest

A practice of a lifetime
As loved ones luminate
Say this prayer for us
In heaven they await

Pause of Petition

A pause of petition
In a moment’s prayer
To turn to our Lord
To send his graces here

Swirling of the spirit
Rest within this soul
Instilling of your peace
Fill the empty hole

Grateful heart acknowledge
The gift dwelling within
Guide the will away
From selfishness of sin

Shining of your light
Fragrance of peace be
Embers of grace flowing
To share the love of thee

Views in my Head

Two views of my world
One in which I see
Interpretation flows
Inside commentary

Processing the data
Keeping ego fed
Thoughts assumed as truth
Bounce around my head

Placing into bins
Past wounds are explored
They are good or bad
Desired or ignored

What did they really mean?
Calculate reaction
Triggers love or hate
This way is a distraction