Adjust the Lens

Awake to view the rising sun
A blessed gift of day begun

As birds proclaim a symphony
A fall into sweet harmony

Heavens move in visions grace
A drawing into Your embrace

A whispers call from deep within
With gratitude of praise begin

A turn unto the one true light
Adjusting lens within Your sight

Time of the Stars

In childhood’s summer
Of bones values formed
A time of together
Of souls fire warmed

We’d sit on a cliff
Of your works weekend
Gaze at the stars
And peace would descend

In background of ballgame
And whip o wills song
One of life sharing
A time to belong

In life of the passing
This time stays with me
Sweet joy arising
In stars that I see

Warming the heart
In the binding of you
Engrained forever
Pray that you see them too

A Day To Remember

A day to remember
Those who paid the price
Protecting our freedom
With life’s’ sacrifice

Sons and our daughters
Fathers and wives
Giving it all
Including their lives

Such dedication
Let us applaud
Who unselfishly served
Our country and God

They rest is His arms
With God’s only Son
In knowledge of heart
The battle’s been won

Soul’s Entranced

A choice to try
In gift of will
Way to adore
The soul to still

In drawing love
Your facet show
Your preciousness
I’ve come to know

On food of soul
I now depend
Insights blessed
Through Spirit send

View heavens light
Of window through
Souls entranced
In gaze of You

Sparkles In The Flow

Moment unexpected
Surprise within a glow
Blessed view to see
Gift that you bestow

Pool of light outpouring
Sparkles in the flow
You are my beloved
That’s all I need to know

Wisdom of the message
Easy letting go
Worries and my fear
Worldly to forego

Dwell within its truth
Store in soul to sow
Nourishing the blessing
Allowing it to grow

When life becomes complex
Returning to this fact
Beloved that we be
Will know how to act


In mirror of Gods’ gaze
Truth for me to see
Raw honesty to flow
No good is born of me

Selfish is my ego
Pride of me to flair
Greedy disposition
Sin for me to share

But I have a Savior
Who sees another view
Loving transformation
Unending mercy spew

He calls unto the greater
Source of all good found
Gifts abundant blessing
Showered me around

Taught by servant parents
And souls of a light appeared
Who showered me with love
Treasured gifts to share

So if you see good through me
A message we’ll both know
It was a gift passed to me
I’m blessed to bestow

Horizons Way

Soothing waves of endless grace
Never ending warm embrace

Flow upon this needy soul
Troubled heart now to console

Caressing song of gentle peace
Fear and worries here release

With waves crest and trough to see
Breaths connection Spirit be

Let all “me” subsume within
Into horizons way begin

Days Foundation

Silence is stirred
With birdsong adorning
Peace is transcending
In this solemn morning

Horizon is filled
With lights inspiration
Colors descending
Without hesitation

Treasures are offered
For heart of instilling
Abundant of sharing
For any soul willing

One of our being
Within your creation
Gifting’s are blessed
In this days foundation

Gentle Rain

Sky devoid of color blue
The soul to ascertain
A gift bestowed today
One of gentle rain

In solitudes retreat
Encompassed in the scene
Into contemplation
Worldliness to wean

Listen now with song of heart
Caress of soul draw near
Intentional our breathing
Cleansing Spirit clear

Saturate the soil deep
Wash away past fears
Nestled in consuming love
Your inner light appear