Light and Soul

Shimmer, shimmer
Dawning light
Capture soul
With pure delight

Glimmer, glimmer
Middays light
Encourage soul
To do what’s right

Simmer, simmer
Noon days light
Dwell in soul
Spirits insight

Dimmer, dimmer
Flows the light
Rest the soul
In coming night

Being in Moment

In being of moment
A moment of being
A freeing of moment
In being of freeing

In connection of moment
A moment’s connection
Affection of moment
Connections affection

In dwelling of moment
A moment of dwelling
A swelling of moment
In dwelling of swelling

In being of dwelling
A dwelling of being
A swelling affection
In affection of freeing

Of Peace

A step into dawning
A still masterpiece
Encounter before me
A morningful of peace

Where spirit is drawing
An easy release
Being of prayer
Encompassed in peace

Silent the moving
Awareness increase
Infused in defusing
A dwelling of peace

Grace of bestowing
Of me here decrease
A sharing becoming
A carrier of peace

Moment of Being

A practice of letting
View of the seeing
A witness within
This moment of being

Into awareness
A blessing so freeing
In this moment real
I am of being

Inner of stirring
Through Your Spirit sent
Embraced in your love
Being of moment

Let go and let in
This moment within
In binding of three
This being begin

Not a Good Boy

Be a good boy
Do something sweet
And if you do
You’ll get a treat

My ego will thrive
On what others will say
A sad realization
I’m still living that way

It’s no different than
The Pharisee
The problem with it
That it’s all about me

Forgive me O Lord
Help change my heart
Refocus my lens
A new way to start

Let all flow from You
My purpose be
Receiving and sharing
Your love and glory!

A Winters Snow

So softly and gently
Falls a winters snow
From heaven above
To the earth below

Peace is prevailing
His grace to bestow
Mercy is blessed
For each soul to know

Soul come to resting
Of prayer nice and slow
Being of stilling
Let the Spirit flow

Unique are the blessings
That we have to show
Giving, receiving
Of His love to sow

A Need

I need some time in Your Presence
I need some time dwelling in
In need some time of silence
A prayer now let us begin

A seed of realization
I’m blessed in this moment here
Transcendence into eternal
Through Spirit of being we share

Creator seeking created
A drawing of humility
Acceptance of love so completely
Here now just let me be

Cup of the overflowing
A calling of greater to know
Divinity, one of Your sharing
A need of Your filling to flow

Bless All

As the sun slowly rises
Light to the earth
A blessing upon
This new day of birth

Bless those who’ll pass
Bless all be born
Bless all with joy
And all those forlorn

Fill all who hunger
Quench all that thirst
Humble the righteous
Lift up the cursed

Answer the seeking
With gifts of divine
Bless all with love
And this heart of mine

Ingredients of Light

A miracle
To each it shines
The blessed gift
Of light divine

Of which unknown
Within our prayer
Its wisdom shown

And found within
A perfect love
Connection to
Our God above

Its purpose known
For us to shine
It’s sharing way
Through heart of mine

Follow the Light

Grandpa was fading fast
I clung to him tight
And soul to soul
He shared this insight

Fear not beloved
We’ll be alright
Come now my little one
And follow the light

Wisdom that served me well
In darkest of night
Decisions of life
To choose what is right

Fear not beloved
We’ll be alright
Come now my little one
And follow the light

Moment my child was born
Her eyes shining bright
With Word, she trusted
I heard with delight

Fear not beloved
We’ll be alright
Come now my little one
And follow the light

And when my time has come
My last words recite
Trust in our savior
On my gravestone write

Fear not beloved
We’ll be alright
Come now my little one
And follow the light