Open Inner Gate

Take me to the place
One of souls retreat
Deep within Your love
Of Spirits nectar sweet

Solitude of silence
Of heavens warming light
Peace is the Word gifted
Beyond of my insight

Blessed be receiver
Of grace so undeserved
Mercy offered freely
Example is observed

Dwell within the river
Open inner gate
Outpouring gift received
Light to disseminate

Sunrise Club

We are members many
All throughout the world
Of the sunrise club
Receive, what God unfurls

Gathered in dawns calling
In solitude of One
Anticipating gifts
Then, let Your will be done

Easy of the finding
Surrendering to prayer
With only soul of moving
We find that You’re right here

A knowing in the bonding
We join in common heart
Colors of the moving
Peace to each impart

As the light appears
Each day with gifts unique
Rejoicing in this blessing
With Your purpose, seek

Molding of soul hopeful
Of gratitude of view
Food for seed of sprouting
Come be with us too

The Calling Wave

Glimmer now
The calling wave
With whisper soft
That my soul craves

A pausing glance
Draws the soul in
Unknowing step
To prayer begins

Captured now
Transfixed in flow
Surrender deep
Your Word to know

Soothing peace
Reflecting light
In colors rich
Beyond insight

A Response

Winter moon of morning
Lingers in the dawn
Reflection on the sun
Sends its light along

Rippling on water
In waves of peaceful flow
Dancing on a palette
Its song for us to know

I am not the source
But one who eye can’t see
Creator of all things
Of purpose set for me

I’m but a response
Of gifts poured from above
My prayer for you this day

To reflect my love

All To Release

My God who lifts
The morning sun
Let soul respond
With will be done

Listen now
In stilling peace
Surrender now
All to release

Soak within
Your presence be
Your love instill
Through all of me

You adore
Here now outpour



Can’t Wait To See You

Five simple little words
From you, come flowing through
That brighten up my heart
“Can’t wait to see you”

They make me feel valued
I get all warm inside
That I’m special to you
Our longing unified

Thank you for the sharing
Of brightening my day
This light I’ll carry with me
Past, whatever comes my way

I’ll anticipate
When I’ll be with you
We’ll share the gift of joy
Can’t wait to see you, too!


A Morning Dwell

A morning dwell
In the sunrise
Be and receive
The soul complies

Let the light flow
In glistening waves
A diamonds field
Of harvest yield

Rest in song
Of silent peace
All burden s weight
Here release

Let tone be set
In soul today
To be the light
To shine today

In Your Current

Just below the surface
If will allows release
Drifting into prayer
We find Your gift of peace

Soft is the Word spoken
Time of letting go
Trusting in Your love
Surrender to the flow

Carry us in current
Safe in Your embrace
Encompassed in Your being
Taste of heavens grace

Open eyes back into
This troubled world to know
Charge with one to share
The peace of You to show

Back to Sleep

In this passing moment
In the dark of night
Word of comfort flows
That everything is right

Nestled in the womb
Embraced in Spirit tight
Prayer aloft surrounds
Instilled in soul tonight

Trust in love abundant
Spirit here invite
Steeping soul divine
Blessed gifts insight

Close the eye in knowing
Awake to morning light
Soul of saturation
In love, prepared incite