Two Objects Together

A beautiful sight
For the soul to see
Two objects together
Of simplicity

An altar of wood
A passion of love
A bible at rest
Opened above

Man and divine
Two sides in finding
Here now connected
Jesus in binding

The Gospel is spoken
That speaks of the One
Loves ultimate price
Gift of Gods Son

Treasure to cherish
One of the Word
Let Spirit indwell
Its’ truth to be heard

Stained Glass

Each of us, a piece of glass
Your light shining through
Tainted by sin and wounds
Cast a bit askew

Each of us is broken
In need of healing true
Through the gift of faith
Our souls You do rescue

Co-heirs to the kingdom
Blessed with life anew
Drawn unto one light
Your way we do pursue

Sharing of gifts blessed
Praying in the pew
Through broken love You craft
Beyond what we construe

Bonded in One love
A mosaic is the view
Pieces of stained glass
A masterpiece of You

Dusting of White

A dusting of white
Covers the scene
Peace in its song
Vision serene

A touch of Your grace
A gift for today
Warming the barren
Hope in the way

A palette of flakes
Of skies frozen light
A shadow reversed
Provides deep insight

Let the soul wander
Consumed in the view
Into sweet beauty
Found within You

Consume Us Now

Behold, beloved
This truth to see
This miracle
In front of thee

Fruit of the earth
Fruit of the vine
Transforms into
A gift divine

Your thirst to quench
A hunger found
In living Word
My gifts abound

Consume us now
In one love be
Know heaven sweet

Winters Sunset

Soft is winters sunset
Through forests empty bones
Gentle its descent
Feeling all alone

Comfort in its presence
As quiet breeze flows through
Empty solitude
Finds its way to You

Desert of the season
Song is silent sent
Outer turning inwards
Easy souls consent

Outside vision barren
Wisdom dwells within
Spirits guiding treasure
Warms anew herein

Great Light

Oh great light of Presence
Shine upon this soul
Filling of the needy
Of the deepest hole

Warmth of basking light
Surround in sweet embrace
Consuming all of me
Infused by precious grace

Radiance of glory
Permeate the deep
Restoring of the soul
Gift of Your love, keep

Jewel of precious treasure
In Your Presence be
This taste of moment now
Flow to eternity