Wordless Prayer

Let’s drift into
A wordless prayer
One of faith
We find You here

A vision seen
Without our eyes
One of soul

A word is known
Beyond of ear
One of love
The heart endears

A dwelling be
Eternal home
One of peace
Your Presence known

Back to Sleep

In this passing moment
In the dark of night
Word of comfort flows
That everything is right

Nestled in the womb
Embraced in Spirit tight
Prayer aloft surrounds
Instilled in soul tonight

Trust in love abundant
Spirit here invite
Steeping soul divine
Blessed gifts insight

Close the eye in knowing
Awake to morning light
Soul of saturation
In love, prepared incite

Breath of Presence

In Presences breath
Of drawing deep
Adrift beyond
In vision seep

Unto the light
The soul in-folds
In beauty deep
Your grace behold

A witness of
A molding shown
Of love instilled
Where unknown’s known

Of written word
This sight unspoken
The healing of
This body broken

Drifting Deep

Doesn’t matter
What eye sees
Now drifting deep
Inside of me

Where Spirit speaks
And God resides
This place dispels
All of my pride

For truth is seen
And love is known
Where truest self
Here is shown

From this light
Oh, see of grace
To being flow
This heart embrace

Over Water Blue

Memorized by sunset
Over water blue
Colors celebrating
We bid this day adieu

Clouds of drifting gather
Warmed by fading light
Sinking sun subsides
Spurring day’s insight

Time of sweet reflection
Of day of passing by
Still air of deep peace
Soul to gratify

Raising heart with thanks
Of gift of this fine day
Wisdom of perspective
God’s oversight today

Lean into tomorrow
Aware of treasures blessed
Road of heavens guiding
Towards God we progress

Prayer of Preparation

In precious Presence
In shared adoration
Attuning the soul
Prayer of preparation

Soft is the Spirit
Of delicate grace
Soul gladly falls
In welcomed embrace

Angels elated
In hymns echoed song
Soul serenation
Our need to belong

Tender the touch
Time of the treasure
Gracious the gift
Of One beyond measure

Another Prayer

Prayer’s a conversation
A sharing of two hearts
One of broken human
The other, grace imparts

Thought of prayer another
One of no human word
Soul of just receiving
Spirit now be heard

Stilling of the soul
Resting in His love
Surrender be complete
Drift into above

Letting love just love you
Trust within His hold
Giving of the soul
One to let Him mold