Two Desires Waiting for One

One of two desires
As we both await
Advent of the season
A celebration great

Man awaits Creator
For the need of heart
Desire of the soul
Perfect gift impart

God awaits beloved
For a sons return
Open arms extended
Nothing to be earned

Perfect Son is growing
Heaven here on earth
Indwelling of the Spirit
God alive in birth

Lady of Joy

A lady full of grace
I’m blessed in Church to see
With fragrance full of joy
Her presence touches me

A blessing of each week
A quick word of our path
Her words linger in soul
In the aftermath

Today her soul emits
Truth with her word
Echoing in soul
Which needed to be heard

With eyes of sparkling joy
From how her life is touched
“That our God is good,
He blesses me so much!”

Of secret of her joy
Let me contemplate
True love of her Savior
From whence it emanates

Colors Be Seen

Trees all rejoicing
In this time of year
God’s message sending
Their gift here to share

Each play their part
In tapestry sewn
Of crimson and gold
A masterpiece shown

A step of direction
Of eternal way
A season of changing
View moves from today

That which was hidden
In uniform green
Awakes in Your glory
Let my colors be seen

Twice Now to See

Crystal clear morning
Presented, a gift
Acknowledged, accepted
Praise here to lift

Of sky that is empty
Except for the blue
Vision beyond
Of ocean of you

Colors abundant
In beauty of fall
Golden, red, orange
A mixing of all

In waters stillness
Twice now to see
Gifts of your beauty
Now offered to me

Reverence Of the Holy

Each of us a journey
With gift of will to use
To interweave our lives
Grace of God to choose

Sacredness of journey
For this gift I pray
To shine the light upon
The holiness of way

Connection of the deeper
One of open ear
Reverence of the holy
Where Your light appears

Bless me with the grace
To guide souls of the way
Encouragement of seeking
Your life in theirs this day

Prayer of Petition

I come to Your Presence
With this partition
Bringing of souls
For Your exposition

May this be a window
For You to shine through
Focusing blessings
Of the love of You

Bind them and bless them
In Your special way
Shower Your gifts
Upon them this day

Filling with joy
May their souls rejoice
Way of abundance
In hearing Your voice

Awareness of Power

Awareness of power
Surrounds in the air
Immense the perception
Dwelling right here

Beyond comprehension
What is to do?
No time for thinking
Succumbing to You

Easy transition
For love is the way
Desires direction
Being to pray

Message transcending
“I’m in control”
Into Your hand
Surrenders the soul