Days Foundation

Silence is stirred
With birdsong adorning
Peace is transcending
In this solemn morning

Horizon is filled
With lights inspiration
Colors descending
Without hesitation

Treasures are offered
For heart of instilling
Abundant of sharing
For any soul willing

One of our being
Within your creation
Gifting’s are blessed
In this days foundation

Gentle Rain

Sky devoid of color blue
The soul to ascertain
A gift bestowed today
One of gentle rain

In solitudes retreat
Encompassed in the scene
Into contemplation
Worldliness to wean

Listen now with song of heart
Caress of soul draw near
Intentional our breathing
Cleansing Spirit clear

Saturate the soil deep
Wash away past fears
Nestled in consuming love
Your inner light appear

Lakes Transition

Found in new dawning
All noise here to cease
Surrender is calling
Lake of stilling peace

Calm is the surface
Let serenity flow
Out to horizon
With souls drifting go

One of reflection
From light of above
Acceptance surrounding
Is God’s perfect love

A door of transition
For Word now to hear
Of peace of our Lord
The greater to share

Four One

Home of 60 years
Time now to let go
Prayer for owners new
Echoes that they’ll know

For a seed was planted
And grew a family strong
From the love of two
Many in the bond

In the depth of soul
May this song they hear
Love within these walls
Compassion in the air

Echoes of joys laughter
Self-sacrifice was shared
Many years of giving
Foundation of true prayer

For this home is priceless
Faith in promise true
That love endures forever
Still shines in seeds of You

Treasure of Dwelling

Your Presence before me
Of infinite grace
Past comprehension
Truth here to face

Acceptance before me
Love in Your gaze
Drawing within
Divine Word conveys

Falling before me
Arising beyond
Deep is the binding
With Spirit abscond

Temporal taste
Of what is to be
Treasure of dwelling
As light touches me

Masterpiece of Moments

In whisper of morning
Pure light outpours
Spirit is shared
On all God adores

In colors of sunrise
A moving display
Stilling the soul
In drawing to pray

In wisp of soft breeze
Caressing the cheek
Those of accepting
Every soul seek

Surprise in a flutter
Of a butterfly
A flower of air
A gift passing by

Masterpiece of moments
In touches of grace
Value of capture
Within souls embrace

Need to Share

We are solitary
Born with empty hole
Need that’s to be filled
Shared with other souls

With a conversation
Or journey which we’re sent
Share in meal or drink
Attending an event

Levels of the varied
Surface or the deep
Depths of which we open
Shows how much we reap

None is of the greater
When common is the view
One in joy of bonding
Shared in love of You