Holy is His Name

When soul is bursting
With praise to exclaim
Let Word be spoken
Holy is His name

Spoken by Mary
Let me do the same
In contemplation
Holy is His name

In darkest valley
When faith starts to wane
Emerge from the soul
Holy is His name

When Spirit inspires
Igniting the flame
With perseverance
Holy is His name

With angels choir
In heaven proclaim
Eternally singing
Holy is His name

Blessed Greeting

Blessed is the greeting
For one to impart
Truly genuine
Love flows from the heart

In sparkle of the eye
Warmth in smile deep
Joy within the air
Your Presence flowing seeps

Treasure in the binding
Gentleness of touch
Filling of desire
That I need so much

Glimpse of knowing seen
Soul now is aware
How in every moment
That which our Lord shares

Mother Mary’s Shadow

Resting in Your garden
With sunlight streaming through
Air is fresh and clean
Nothing here to do

Oasis of the moment
Wonderful to be
Fragrance is of peace
Gift to just be free

Something of beyond
Simplicity of prayer
Blessing of the Spirit
Swirls surrounding here

Womb of drifting deep
Breath of Spirit flow
Gratefulness of binding
In You letting go

Sweet song of rejoicing
Echoes of embrace
Mother Mary’s shadow
Sings everything is grace

Special Gift

A special gift
Is blessed this day
To carry with
Along the way

One of unknown
Past human eyes
Of spirits breath
To exercise

Be of peace
Or faith confess
Hope of light
A gift to bless

True joy found
When light shine through
My prayer today
You share yours too

Today’s Window

Open today’s window
Let the breeze flow through
Hear the birds sweet singing
Gifts prepared for you

Bask in morning sunlight
Feel its warming touch
Ways that God is seeking
Desiring so much

Open door of soul
Spirit here to breathe
Singing song of praise
God’s way to perceive

Heart be a reflection
Of your blessed light
Shining of the true
Calling to unite

Turning to Prayer

Sacred the moment
On holy ground
When turning to prayer
Your Presence is found

Veil of unmasking
As true light shines through
Eye of soul seeing
The vision of You

Soul of arising
Attuning the ear
Whisper of guiding
The Spirit to hear

Flame of warmth glowing
Past world of disguise
Your peace consuming
Let Your joy arise

Blessed this treasure
Your beauty to see
Throughout all this day
Let this practice be

Your Light to Appear

Be thee of morning
Or dusk’s fading light
Or of reflection
In moon of dark night

Be soul’s desire
Of treasure to seek
Awareness of guiding
This heart of the meek

In storms of darkness
Your light will appear
Let wisdom be known
You’ll always be near

Be of indwelling
Of intimate prayer
Joy of outpouring
Your gift of light share

A Touching Display

A bursting of color
Gift here this day
Incredible beauty
Placed in our way

Vision abundant
For soul a buffet
Flowers of many
A touching display

Gratefulness calling
As Spirit conveys
God of the moment
In being we pray

All in this dwelling
Of an entryway
Sharing the fragrance
Through soul here today

Attune to Light Shining

Look not behind you
Ahead do not fear
All that does matters
Is that we are here

Attune to light shining
In Spirits embrace
Shedding guilt’s worry
Showered in grace

Fall into drifting
Free in above
Know my desire
Consumed in my love

Fear not my child
Of heaven aware
Be of my joy
With good news to share


My dearly beloved
Come dwell in my light
Whispers of heaven
Of love shining bright

Sparkles of diamonds
Know this message true
Joy in the shining
In sharing with You

With ear of the soul
Let go now to hear it
The voice of beyond
Instilled by my Spirit

As one of eternal
Shine above below
Treasure this day
For the greater we know