Candles That Lit My Way

Candles That Lit My Way

Reflection of my years
In thoughts of yesterday
I see with vision clear
Candles that lit my way

Of gift of God was sent
His love that was conveyed
The shining of His light
Candles that lit my way

A blessing of the Spirit
Together we did pray
The Word of God was shared
Candles that lit my way

For souls I’ve never met
And “likes” they give away
Encouragement is blessed
Candles that lit my way

So grateful is my soul
To turn to you and say
I count you as a blessing
A candle that lit my way

When journey is complete
We’ll celebrate one day
When all is known in One
The candles that lit our way

Prayer of the Tender

Awaken to dawning
Of light turned down low
Gentle the colors
Of this new days glow

A gifting of silence
To soul to bestow
An invitation
Of seed here to grow

A prayer of the tender
One nice and slow
In dwelling of being
Of me letting go

Attune to the Spirit
Of voice, come to know
To center on You
And Your love to show

Sacredness Here

A practice of dwelling
Intention of prayer
Acknowledge Your being
Of sacredness, here

Upon the ground fertile
Where seeds’ given birth
Under the heavens
This marvelous earth

Be in between
Scene of meditation
The grateful heart grows
In this blessed creation

Feel the light warming
Soak in the sounds
Draw the air deeply
Your Presence abounds

Stirring of inner
Let Spirit take hold
A movement of love
Of beauty behold

A Humble Way

Sing to me of mornings song
Which all creation does belong

Drawing deep of shining light
Within the soul which God delights

Know within this binding true
That all connects through love of You

Response to stir of gratitude
Reflect this day our attitude

A humble way of thought embrace
That all is Gods, and all is grace

Journey of Letting

I come before You
With an offered prayer
Let soul truly know
You are fully here

I say I surrender
On knees to befall
But my lack of faith
Keeps up the wall

Still You are tender
Your love shining true
Gifts of outpouring
The blessings of You

Through grace of Your patience
A step here this day
In journey of letting
To trust all the way

Savior to See

The whole town was buzzing
As soon as I awoke
“Our Savior born this day”
Were crazy words they spoke

I’ve got plans today
I guess that I’ll go see
Stop for a few minutes
Is something there for me

The child lay before me
Transfixed within my gaze
Something of His presence
Stirred my soul, amazed

A question now before me
Will I dwell and pray
A movement of transforming
Or go on my way


They saw a star
They saw a birth
God with us
Upon this earth

They saw Him heal
They heard him speak
The Word of love
Which all souls seek

They saw Him willing
Conquering death
They saw Him rise

They saw a flame
A breath received
The Spirit flowed
And they believed

They walk the way
The broken claim
A soul of joy
Good news, proclaim

They share his gifts
Love, grace, mercy
And let this day
The “they”, be me