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With a Word

Thanks to so many that leave kind comments

With a word of a friend
I’m always amazed
How they can lift you up
On the darkest of days

With a thought of the wise
Of encouragement be
They see something in you
That you didn’t see

And even online
Through a little comment
To me it’s the voice
Of the Spirit thats sent

And even a stranger
You meet on the way
Can help with direction
And go on their way

With a word of the Word
Don’t hesitate, here
Through the Spirit in us
We always can share

My Friend Speaks My Mind

Thank you emmlisten for the comment and inspiration

It ignites my soul
When in scriptures we find
The Lords relates to me and
My friend speaks my mind

Sometimes in the Spirit
I feel my words are blind
I know we’re one body when
My friend speaks my mind

What a blessing to me
When our souls are aligned
When a friend says to me
My friend speaks my mind

When we hear Jesus say
My joy is divine
When His Word is shared
My friend speaks my mind

My One Word for 2023 – Bridget A. Thomas


Check out Bridget’s word for the year… Here’s a poem to help kick it off


Thoughts of a shepherd 
Our pondering, begun 
A question for our soul 
Is do we need one? 

A leader of our life 
To follow faithfully 
To trust for sustenance 
Rest in security 

As brothers and sister 
In community 
It is in our shepherd 
We become one body

Who knows and adores us 
His treasure, we be
For we know that he’d lay
His life down for me

As our dwelling place
Wherever we roam
For where He is
Is where we call home

He has chosen us 
Our shepherd, divine 
Oh yes, I need a shepherd 
Jesus, lead this soul of mine 


On this soft autumn dawn
Of deep colors light
The winds of autumn
Shares an insight

Trees of surrender
Bear witness to earth
To nourish to soil
In hope of rebirth

A whisper of wisdom
Of silence prevails
A knowing is stirring
Of what it entails

A time of the soul
A blessing is sent
One of preparing
For sacred Advent

An unscripted walk — Reflections from the Pew

“Welcome to my dwelling place.”

An unscripted walk — Reflections from the Pew

Loved this post! Put it in a poem (hopefully worthy of Tim’s words)


I took a walk through the woods
Where there was no trail
It was the way unscripted
The unknown to unveil

I think I saw God smile
A whisper of His grace
“Welcome here beloved
To My dwelling place”

There was no grand cathedral
Or tabernacle, fine
Not even a vision
Of something here divine

Of no path prescribed
Through Him the way created
Here, rather I found
A place uncomplicated

And without my searching
Found wonder of beyond
Brilliant peeks of sunshine
And unexpected pond

It was a bit unkempt
I asked curiously
Why would God dwell here?
And He answered me

“For not only here
But in joy and in strife
In all the unscripted
Parts of your life

For without searching
You will find Me
In unanticipated
Places of beauty

In unimagined wonder
Meaning undiscovered
Especially in unkempt
Parts of life uncovered

For that is where I dwell
Heavens’ veil is lifted
For this is who I Am”
And so, I prayed, unscripted


The mist of the night
Decided to stay
For the joy of the dawn
And then danced the way

And the light of the dawn
Decided to send
Colors of joy
A gift for it’s friend

And the scene was painted
A view from above
Of solemn beauty
A vision of love

And it invites you
To come join within
To offer your gifts
In this day to begin

Shema – Deuteronomy 6:4

Wear it on your forehead
Praying them right here
Drill it in your children
These great words to share

Listen oh people
Let this be known
The Lord is our God
And our God alone

You shall love the Lord
With whole heart of seeing
With all your strength
And with all your being

Take now to heart
These words to pray
Living then with love
I command you this day

Living the Greatest Commandment

The greatest commandment
All one of agreeing
To love our Lord our God
With all our heart and being

We can believe it
And know that it’s true
But how do we live it
It seems so hard to do

We can see this truth
If our souls are aware
That our God is love
And He is everywhere

A pray to the Spirit
With vision it brings
Let me see and love
Our God in all things


Attached to the world
Throughout my day
Focused upon
What it has to say

Take now some time
An intentional way
One of detaching
A treasure to pray

To follow our Lord
My will letting go
Branch of connection
And let the vine grow

Feet on the floor
Yet dwelling above
Of listening deep
To the Word of love

Returning unto
Our journey pursue
But living connected
To heaven here to

Answers of a Child

My child who is God?
An easy answer of
God is our Creator
And He is only love

My child where is God?
God is where there’s love
He dwells everywhere
And in heaven above

And who does God love?
He loves you and me
He loves all creation
He loves everybody

What is our life’s purpose?
It’s His love to share
To use all our giftings
To spread everywhere

What do I have to do?
Turn to our Lord and pray
Be a friend of Jesus
And follow in His way

Why do bad things happen?
It’s a broken world you see
Someday we’ll know the answer
For now, trust His mercy

What happens when we die?
Our Lord we’ll truly see
We’ll live with God in love
For all eternity