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On Holy Saturday

In this sacred season
Of our Lents’ last day
A simple refection
On Holy Saturday

A time of fasting
Almsgiving and prayer
Did I take advantage
To know His grace here

If I’m discouraged
Or feeling guilty
It’s not what I have done
It’s what He did for me

On His great passion
Let us contemplate
For with our good Lord
It is never too late

Two Great Equalizers

Facts of being human
Truths we all do share
Things we have in common
Let’s ponder some right here

Each of us are born
All of us will die
Two great equalizers
To all of us apply

Every soul is loved
And offered grace the same
A choice to be reborn
Eternity to claim

Come share the good news
Our Lord waits patiently
Open the door wide
Embrace Him, joyfully

Inspired by My Pastoral Ponderings

If The

If the Earth didn’t turn
On its axis to spin
There’d be no seasons
Of this winter, begin

If the trees didn’t rest
In their time to let go
There’d be no vision
In this winter to show

If the birds didn’t listen
Migrate and obey
There’d be no silence
In this winter’s day

If the soul doesn’t rest
And turn with a prayer
It will miss the blessing
That God has prepared

If we are too busy
God says that’s ok
I’ll send you my love
In other ways

Flowers Evoke

Inspired by a post from Sandra

Flowers Evoke

Flowers evoke all our senses
Sight, smell, and touch are a few
Find here a sense of wonder
Of will to surrender unto

See of the colors, uniqueness
A facet of the greater view
Find here a sense of reflection
In love of the light pouring through

Inhale the sweet scent of beauty
To fill the space where we’re empty
Find here a sense of the drawing
The fragrance of humility

Feel what the soft petals offer
Dependence on life opens wide
Find here a sense of receiving
So grateful for all God provides

Receive a blessing of wisdom
A lesson of simplicity
Find here a sense of our purpose
To be who God made us to be

Gaze on a seed of beholding
To nurture its’ fruit tenderly
Find here a sense our hope
A glimpse of our faiths’ legacy

Know of the gift of His Presence
With lens of perspective anew
Find here the sense of reminder
The beauty that God sees in you

the Value of a moment

Based upon this post by Sandra J


The value of a moment
Sometimes we’ll never know
Until we gain perspective
Of memory to show

Snow angels in winter
Stars of a summers’ night
The smell of spring rain
Waves of oceans’ light

Let the Lord lead us
And show us the way
With vision of soul
To pause and to pray

It’s only when we see
Through eyes with His view
That allows us to capture
A moments’ value


He took, blessed, and broke
Then He gave the bread
A miracle to all
Five thousand souls were fed

And for His last supper
Again, He took and blessed
He broke and He gave
His love to friends, professed

The chosen One was blessed
On His cross was broken
God incarnate, given
He is the Word spoken

Walking to Emmaus
With bread of which to share
Took, blessed, broke and gave
Our Lord to them appeared

And so, as His beloved
Through Him, spiritually
Chosen, blessed and broken
And given, let us be

Based upon words by Henri Nouwen

Good Either Way

Biden or Trump 

We don’t know today  

But let our souls say  

We are good either way  

For we know our leader  

And have peace of mind  

For our Lord and Savior  

Is of the divine  

For we cast our vote  

Each and every day  

By sharing his love  

And when we pray 

We still carry hope  

If not of our plans  

For we place our trust  

Into God’s hands 

Morning Mist Lingers

The morning mist lingers
The sunrise pours through
The Lord clearly shines
And the Spirit dwells too

So silent the rising
As birdsong begins
Stillness is drawing
A movement within

Inner of warming
A chill in the air
Prayer of beyond
Of being right here

And a reminder
Wherever we go
A beautiful comfort
Of peace here to know

The Tree and a Breeze

When blows the gentle breeze
The seedling seems to say
Hey leave me in peace
Won’t you go away

To nudge in all directions
To tree, the breeze does show
Stretching far and wide
Its roots which way to grow

When the fierce winds come
The tree begins to see
That the gentle breeze
Was just preparing me

Now the great oak sways
With blessing the breeze sends
As they dance together
In joy, these lifelong friends