Gift of Thank You

A gift is offered
A gift is received
Two souls connected
A bonding weaved

A thank you is spoken
For gift of the fond
More is unspoken
In way of beyond

In thought of another
In loves rippled flow
Of kingdom eternal
Of One that we know

Desire to thank you
Our prayer to lift
In stirring of soul
Indeed is Your gift


Cool Autumn Breeze

Sitting outside
Cool autumn morn’
Resting in prayer
Soul be reborn

Eyes closing tight
Being right here
Spirits caress
Flows through the air

Gentle of touch
Breath lead the way
Light of the will
Spirit here pray

Carry me forth
Son in the heart
Soul now to lift
Let us depart

Cleaning The House

I’m tired of thinking
All thoughts about me
Clean now the house
Oh God, let us be

Mountains of worries
Fears overcome
Let them now go
May Your will be done

Live here this moment
Let Spirit reside
Walking the way
With You by my side

Love be the focus
In beauty of now
Please grant this petition
With gift You endow

In, With, Through

Into Your dwelling
Joining as One
Doorway is opened
In the name of the Son

Infinite passion
Through cross, battle won
Soul is washed clean
Gift through Your Son

Priceless connection
A new way begun
One of eternal
To be with the Son

Let us surrender
May His will be done
Building His kingdom
Living in the Son

Cup of Joe

Gathered at a Starbucks
For a cup of Joe
Time of solitude
Or meet a friend they know

Start a conversation
Share a laugh or two
Relationship of building
Or time resting in you

A prayer said upon them
From outside looking in
That spirit will be shared
A time of love begin

When they leave this dwelling
A better person be
A source of light to share
Sharing love of thee

Shades of Gray

There’s darkness and light
There’s night and there’s day
There is in between
In shades of gray

There’s world of the seen
And unseen as well
Glimpses of God
In prayer that we dwell

There’s good and bad
In us both reside
Seek darkness or light
Free will to decide

There’s heaven and hell
On earth both we can see
With God or without
Our hope rests in thee

Let gray turn to light
The unseen to birth
My desire to seek
Heaven on earth

Offer of Sin

I bring to Your altar
A new sacrifice
An offer of sin
Of this ego’s vice

Conviction is made
To path of new way
New wine and new skin
From sin turn away

One of the many
That blocks me from You
I want to draw closer
Desire clean view

Please wash me clean
Can’t do it alone
Through grace of Your love
Let Your light be shone