Truly Knows Grace

A blessed encounter
When we come face to face
With a soul of joy
That truly knows grace

A fragrance about them
Of humility
One of acceptance
Of welcoming me

With a greater view
And story to share
A presence of peace
With an open ear

That draws me to ponder
Without guilt our shame
Oh Lord let me be
One in the same

Giver of Grace

A word of arising
To dwell with and pray
With such grateful joy
Of grace here this day

I look behind me
And I’m so amazed
How grace rescued me
In so many ways

I look before me
And grace is the key
To unlock the door
To eternity

Not just to receive
But grace to live here
For the giver of grace
Gives us grace to share

The Path is Made

You can’t think your way
To a new way of living
You have to live your way
To a new way of thinking

The journey is not
About the talking
The path is made
With each step of walking

Get into the river
Guided by prayer
Get into the current
Let it take you there

For you have blessed
And a purpose true
For today is the day
Of the first step for you

Favorite Color

A question of a child
To Grandpa, with a smile
What’s your favorite color?
Let’s think on it, a while

And into the morning
They took a walk
Their color of choosing
They began to talk

So many colors
Under the sun
And like Gods’ blessings
How do you pick one?

It’s so hard to choose
They discussed with a sigh
The child said, I know
As they looked to the sky

The answer is found
Right before our eyes
My favorite color
You see, is the sunrise

A Blessing of Word

A sharing of kindness
To my ears are heard
Beyond just the spoken
A blessing of words

And letting it soak
Dwell on the affection
Beyond the words
Two hearts of connection

Take it to prayer
Deeper of finding
Beyond the connection
Is love in the binding

One of the greater
As wisdom is stirred
Beyond the binding
Known is the Word

Breakfast of Morning

An offer of blessing
Of mornings invite
Breaking the fast
From the dark of night

A setting of silence
With pasture to dine
A quartet of sparrows
Sing songs so divine

We savor this silence
And drink in the light
A banquet of spirit
Is spread in our sight

A feast for the soul
Of love overflows
Abundance so great
We’ll take some to go

Can Take You

To listen so intently
The into flowing through
That takes you to the place
Only music can take you

To move the soul so deeply
Beyond what we construe
That takes to you the Grace
Only prayer can take you

To dwell within the scene
Of vision in the view
That takes you to the space
Only beauty can take you

To hope within the promise
To receive what we pursue
That blesses the embrace
Only God can take you

Senses Revealing

And through our eyes
By reflection of light
With a world of vision
We are blessed our sight

And through our ears
On waves that surround
With tones of noise
We are blessed with sound

And through our skin
Connections revealing
With human emotions
We are blessed with feeling

And through our mouth
Such flavors embrace
With food and with drink
We are blessed with taste

And through our being
Through Gods Presence of
With a soul of knowing
We are blessed with love

The Blessing of Light

From a night of darkness
Of blustery chill
Sky of snow falling
We awake to morn’, still

We blink once or twice
Rechecking our eyes
A miracle blessed
Of wonders surprise

A pasture of snow
Icicles formed
With a coating of ice
Each tree is adorned

Sun of arising
The scene to ignite
The world set ablaze
With the blessing of light

Every branch glows
Each blade of grass shines
Diamonds of brilliance
Proclaim joy divine

Falling Snow

A resting within
The soft morning glow
A vision of calling
In the falling snow

A welcoming in
Of the Spirit to flow
A sacred being
Through the falling snow

A dwelling within
This witness to know
Receiving the blessings
From the falling snow

A surrender into
This letting go
A holy drifting
Into the falling snow

A covering of grace
Of this way to show
Becoming a prayer
Of the falling snow