Let Us

Let us slow down
Enough to see
That all is presenting
A blessing to me

Let us soak within
To let the soul drift
To ponder the One
Who’s the source of this gift?

Let us be still
To let our God show
That He loves us
More than we know

Let us be grateful
With joy to embrace
The fruit of His love
That everything’s grace

Traffic Prayer

I sit upon
This balcony
The rising sun
Here, before me

The traffic flows
We’re so busy
I say a prayer
For all I see

Your peace to send
So hopefully
Your blessing, fall
On them gently

To where they go
Arrive safely
Somehow, they know
Your love to be

Friend Divine

An email exchange
Makes me see clearly
A longing of soul
That I miss you dearly

Though miles in between
And time passes us by
Always bound in the heart
The divine way applies

On my life’s journey
Life closer to the end
One of my treasures is
To count you as my friend

A great joy believing
Seen through heavens view
By grace I hope to spend
Eternity with you

Come Sit with Me

Come sit with me
And be fully here
An intimate binding
Of unspoken prayer

In closing our eyes
To deeper insight
Of dawning receiving
Of the blessed light

In our empty silence
Our soul to be stilled
With song of the Spirit
Let us be filled

Attuning the senses
Beyond what we know
Of treasures divine
To us overflow

To cherish the feeling
A Holy Embrace
That we both are wrapped
In His precious Grace

We turn with a smile
With the knowing of
Where two are gathered
We’re bound in His love

Christmas in Heaven

What’s Christmas in heaven
I can’t really say
But here are some thoughts
That I think they’d relay

Don’t worry ‘bout me
I’m more that OK
I’m surrounded in love
In every way

But there’s something I want
On this Christmas day
To share in my treasures
With you today

To think of the times
Each little endeavor
We spent, you and I
That love lasts forever

Yes, there is grieving
The hole is here, still
But know I am with you
With my love to fill

Yes, I am watching
Still cheering you through
For I know that our God
Has great plans for you

For my greatest treasure
That earth can’t contain
Is my love for you
That will always, remain

Empty Arms

Soaking within
To let the soul drift
To ponder the One
Who’s the source of this gift

Alone in Your Presence
With empty arms to raise
A heart of the needing
Offers up its praise

Like Moses in battle
On You I depend
A soul of awareness
Knows the Spirit, You send

Empty arms receiving
As treasures overflow
Breathing in the deeper
Of gratefulness to know

A needer and receiver
Bound in one Word of
Blessed now as the being
To share Your Word of love

Day One

It was day one
Our Christ in our land
Of the 33 years
That God had planned

Something was different
A buzz all over town
The Spirit was moving
Something had to be found

There was a feeling
Like never before
Deep was drawing
To come and adore

There in the manger
Our treasures delight
A breath of the sacred
Bathed in Holy light

The gaze of a babe
Of Presence to shine
Of wonder and awe
An encounter divine

A transformation
Each heart did enjoy
Left every soul blessed
And leaping with joy

Sacred Moment

What’s a sacred moment?
Simply to be aware
That God’s grace is present
Letting it appear

Is not complicated
Simply to be still
One of inner silence
Surrendering our will

Nothing to be earned
Simply to be free
Acknowledging the Spirit
Flowing here through me

Nowhere now to go
Simply to be here
For this is holy ground
Found within a prayer

To Bethlehem

To Bethlehem
Set course that day
But did they know
They held the Way

And did they feel
In dawning bright
That they possessed
The one true light

Did they have faith
That they’d be fed
When they carried
Our living bread

And they arrived
At the census
But did they count
Their soul as blessed

With everyone
How did they share?
The great joy that
Our Saviors here

Do we realize
We are the same
When God incarnate
We proclaim

One Celebration

Feel the the stirring
The sensation
Oh coming light
Arise in prayer

Find the fruit
Of preparation
Feel it building
In the air

Taste the joy
Of expectation
That the birth
Of Christ is near

Feel the pure
God on earth
To us appear

Come rejoice
In Exhortation
As one body

To join within
One celebration
That our God
Incarnates here