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Such Difficulty

Oh Lord, this is hard
Such difficulty
Come rest in my arms
My yoke is easy

They speak such evil
And persecute me
I am Your stronghold
And refuge, you’ll see

So many decisions
The way is not clear
Follow my Spirit
Love conquers all fear

For the light of hope
A symbol to show
Just look to my cross
My child, I know

With brothers and sisters
In one body, reside
You are my beloved
I walk by your side

Be joyful in hope
Perseverance, here
Patient in affliction
Faithful in prayer

An Offer Seeping

Passing by a church
No time to stop and pray
I was in a rush
So much to do this day

I heard a gentle whisper
Of offer seeping through
Come and be with me
For a minute or two

I came to dwell within
And found all stress to cease
Attending to my soul
His great presence of peace

Blessed a new perspective
With lens of above
All the things I have to do
Do them with great love

Creator of Beauty

Our God who was
And is to be
In moment now
Creates beauty

In the mountains high
And canyons deep below
A majestic vision
Of beauty to bestow

From a simple seed
Planted in the earth
Nurtured by His grace
A flowers given birth

In our awakening
Blessed to us each day
Through the colors shine
A glorious display

If the soul is willing
Through His love we will see
A creation beautiful
In you and in me

Treasures Through

And through our soul
Space, in-between
A vision blessed
Of the unseen

And through the light
A glimpse is shown
Of wisdom blessed
Known the unknown

And through Presence
Here to reveal
Of love beyond
What we can feel

The treasures that
Of God outpours
In soul to keep
Through heavens’ door

How to be Grateful

How to be grateful, when life isn’t fair
Here are some thoughts, that I’d like to share

Look to the cross, know everlasting grace
Let Him heal your wounds, rest in His embrace

Let go of the past, the futures not here
Attune to the Spirit, drawing you near

Remember your calling, the Lord’s chosen you
You are His beloved, soak this in true

Open your soul, to what’s here in your view
In beauty surrounding with perspective anew

Breath in the fresh air and turn to the light
Trust in the Lord that all will be alright

Feel His love rising with joy found this day
And if you want more then give it away

Grateful for souls, He’s placed in your way
Thankful for mercy, for all let us pray

You will feel better to share now a smile
For heavens our home, here for a short while

For this moments fleeting we’re just passing through
For in the new dawning He makes everything new

For nothing’s deserved, with thanks our heart lift
For all we sense here is blessed as a gift

Befriending Time

Facing the future
Through love God has shown
With a soul of trust
Befriending the unknown

Forgiving what’s been
No regrets to last
Through our Gods mercy
Befriending the past

In beauty surrounding
With gratefulness share
Through our God’s blessings
Befriending the here

Beyond all time
It’s heaven we see
Through our God grace
Befriend eternity

Gods’ Web

And in the night
Their plan be done
The spiders work
A web be spun

And much to the
Spiders dismay
Just emptiness
It found no prey

And God shown
Another way
Creating here
A grand display

Unto the light
To lift the dew
Of wisdom blessed
Of Holy view

And when we find
Our plans empty
We’ll trust in God’s
Of greater be

Unknown Friend

Choose your friends wisely
A truth to convey
In molding your soul
For they help guide your way

The most important
Our Lord, who chose us
The perfect friend
We can always trust

Brothers and sisters
Devoted to prayer
In our joys and sorrows
Our journey to share

And so that fear
In us is not grown
In peace, letting go
Befriend the unknown

Before us all our life
Each moment, everyday
Encounter it with trust
Through our God we pray

What I Long For

I longed for the day
Of future years
I long for the past
Now that they’re here

I’m looking forward
To what happens today
But the gift of this moment
I let pass away

And even of heaven
Where I long to be
I can lose focus
To let life pass by me

So let all my longing
Be now in a prayer
In dealing with you, Lord
In heaven right here