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Drawing of Life

Breathing a breath
Of moment right here
The gift of life sent
Through drawing of air

Praying a prayer
Through the Spirit, Holy
A share in the life
Of divinity

Loving the Lover
Becoming aware
The life of beyond
Of His grace everywhere

Be of a being
As a breath of a prayer
To carry a moment
Of eternal love, share

Sundays’ Window

On a Sunday morning
Of this winter’s day
A gaze outside the window
Of ingredients to pray

Just to let the soul
Find a space to drift
In day that’s birthed anew
With the light to lift

A gathering of deer
Look to welcome me
Drawing of the sense
Of community

Here the mourning doves
Found a place of rest
In our simple being
Just to feel so blessed

God beyond a window
No boundaries are found here
Taste of Your desire
Of heaven that You share

Would Say

Of our deepest thoughts
What would we all say?
An honest conversation
It could go this way

Everything about me
If you were to know
And all of my sins
Could you still love me so?

Just as I am
Could you accept me?
Could you please encourage?
The best that I can be?

Does my life have value?
Do I mean anything?
To a greater purpose
Oh what could I bring?

In my ups and down
What advice would you send?
When I need comfort
Would you still be my friend?

Would you be gentle?
With my greatest fear
Could you help me?
When death does appear

Come now hear the truth
The Word, Jesus would say
My beloved I am here
Let me love you this way

Dawn has gold in its mouth

Inspired by Paths of the Spirit

Dawn’s Mouth

A vision is gifted
Such beauty to behold
For within dawn’s mouth
It is holding gold

With the ear of Spirit
Through a silent Word
Spoken from dawn’s mouth
Wisdom can be heard

To all within the light
A gentle love to share
A kiss sent from dawn’s mouth
Savoring peace here

To gather all creation
Our beloveness, declare
An offer of dawn’s mouth
To come share in a prayer

Being Something Beautiful

Being something beautiful
Beginning with a prayer
To feel His love surrounding
And know that truth so clear

Being something beautiful
An easy thing to do
Surrendering to God
And let Him transform you

Being something beautiful
Let us each proclaim
For we are in God’s eyes
All one in the same

Being something beautiful
Can be found right here
Through blessing of His presence
Grace is everywhere

Being something beautiful
Our message, let it be
The Word to every soul
In them is what we see

Being something beautiful
Our joy this day to share
With our unique own giftings
With a heart to care


Now I know in retrospect
In my younger years
That I should have listened
With an open ear

Now I see in retrospect
That I was unaware
The judgements that I made
Were clearly so unfair

Now I’ve learned in retrospect
I see the path laid clear
The choices that I’ve made
Have brought me to here

Sitting here in retrospect
Today, let my soul yearn
To let my Jesus in
To hear, to see, to learn

What will I find in retrospect?
When my life is through
Lord, you are the answer
And that Your Word is true

Embrace the Day

An offer of vision
In the lights ascent
A gift here of life
Of invitation sent

A welcoming Spirit
That calls us into
Let our response be
We welcome you too

To pause in the moment
To contemplate
The wonders of life
And in each celebrate

With each souls encounter
A treasure of finding
To be fully present
With love in the binding

When we grow selfish
The truth to embrace
A blessed remember
That everything’s grace

And come joy or sorrow
Sharing our feelings
With our friends and our Lord
See what God’s revealing

With blessing of time
Of wisdom bestow
The freedom to savor
Then letting things go

With great expectation
With grateful heart pray
Oh Lord, let us fully
Embrace this day

Filling Our Emptiness

We arise each morning
From a night of rest
With a choice to fill
Our mind of emptiness

We tend to think of tasks
Things that we must do
Turning on the noise
World takes control of you

Or drift into a sunrise
Of what God has prepared
Receiving of the light
Drawing deep fresh air

A choice of man’s creation
Or greater gifts to share
One leading to stress
The other unto prayer


In this lonely world
Life can be so tough
Sharing of Your love
Am I good enough?

Life can be exhausting
Each day the road is rough
In helping all the broken
Do I do enough?

Trying to be holy
Sometimes I have to bluff
In living out my faith
Do I believe enough?

I say I don’t ask these
But that is just fluff
But when I do
Say, enough is enough

Asking the wrong questions
Dealing with this stuff
For all I need to know
That Jesus is enough

The Mist

And it’s by the mist
The world disappears
When wonder abounds
The soul comes aware

And it’s in the mist
Sweet song sings clear
Blessed be the soul
Of praises to hear

And it’s through the mist
The light does appear
Forming the vision
Of beauty to share

And it’s of the mist
This moments’ a prayer
Of Spirit surrounding
Is of everywhere