Reverence Of the Holy

Each of us a journey
With gift of will to use
To interweave our lives
Grace of God to choose

Sacredness of journey
For this gift I pray
To shine the light upon
The holiness of way

Connection of the deeper
One of open ear
Reverence of the holy
Where Your light appears

Bless me with the grace
To guide souls of the way
Encouragement of seeking
Your life in theirs this day

Prayer of Petition

I come to Your Presence
With this partition
Bringing of souls
For Your exposition

May this be a window
For You to shine through
Focusing blessings
Of the love of You

Bind them and bless them
In Your special way
Shower Your gifts
Upon them this day

Filling with joy
May their souls rejoice
Way of abundance
In hearing Your voice

Awareness of Power

Awareness of power
Surrounds in the air
Immense the perception
Dwelling right here

Beyond comprehension
What is to do?
No time for thinking
Succumbing to You

Easy transition
For love is the way
Desires direction
Being to pray

Message transcending
“I’m in control”
Into Your hand
Surrenders the soul

Things of Beloved

A funeral today
Wife says her goodbye
A new widow returns
To her home to cry

She wanders ‘round the house
Views the things they’ve shared
In photos and objects
But no beloved here

Furniture he built
Projects all surround
Times before the fire
Memories abound

They all lead them to him
In times of love they shared
She would trade the all
For one more moment here

The same is with God
In beauty that we see
Of touches of His light
Can’t replace Presence of He

Hearts’ Light

View a light transparent
For the eye to see
Emitting from the heart
Reflecting back to me

If fear dwells within
Cautious will I be
Worry guides the way
Filled with anxiety

If the heart is angry
Frustration and fury
Anger is cast wide
Mad at people be

If the heart’s desire
For Gods touch now to see
Love of grace filled Presence
Will shine back joyfully

A Good Life

You know you’ve lived a good life
When you learn to see
The older that you get
More grateful that you be

Counting of our blessings
Of joy and times of strife
Ways that God has woven
Our tapestry of life

Seeking of divine
Wisdom that we know
Of things in this world
In time to let them go

Focusing of lens
One to see God’s view
Soul be of His molding
Letting light shine through

Cherishing the moments
We fall in God’s embrace
Remembering the truth
That everything’s His grace

From this life of passing
Of lessons we will be
A connoisseur of love
Grateful eternally

Let Us Now Feast

Having Thanksgiving
In a humble place
Grateful hearts gather
For all is God’s grace

Bless the potatoes
And turkey to eat
Bless the green beans
And dessert, a treat

Bless here these souls
That our hearts adore
Bless those now with You
That we’ve loved before

Let soul here be thankful
In abundance You give
Let gratefulness be
Our new way to live

We pray for the poor
The sick, lonely too
And a special prayer
For who do not know You

Let us now feast
Not of food from this earth
But bread of new life
By which You’ve given birth