You Taught Me to Pray

Engrained in my soul
Of early memory
How you taught me to pray
Your faith you shared with me

We’d pray every night
Your love of God to show
And like a young bird’s flight
In time you let me go

Through the season flow
From path I sometimes stray
Through knowledge of your prayers
Returning to the way

At your funeral
We join in the Lord’s prayer
Finding strength within
The love in which we share

Still You

Still raw is your passing
You’re in a better place
Your hope in gift of faith
Is answered by His grace

Still here is our sorrow
In random burst of tears
Drifting in our loss
Your emptiness felt here

Still in life’s reflection
The love to us you shared
We see your shadow cast
In many ways, you cared

Still we walk our path
With joy and sorrow, feeling
In prayer, we’ll be with You
A new way you’ll be healing

Still we’ll remember you
Etched within our heart
For now, your closer still
Through love that you’ll impart

You Helped Me To Cry

The day sorrow found me
I tried to keep it in
You shared a hug in love
Invitation to begin

That of heart outpouring
Tears streaming from our eyes
Comfort in your being
One within our cries

Together here of sharing
A binding beyond words
One within the knowing
That our hearts be heard

One of heaven sending
Compassion in your eye
Wrapped in arms of love
You helped me to cry

Forever I’ll be grateful
Beyond the words of feeling’
Beginning in this moment
You paved the path of healing

Last Moments

When years come to minutes
What can the heart convey?
With thanks for all you’ve done
What few words can I say?

You are my foundation
Always there for me
Champion of faith
Hope there’d always be

Any good, one may see
Word or act I do
Know that it was born
From the love of you

In lifetime of your giving
Self-sacrifice was shared
Not matter what life sent
I know you always cared

We gaze eye to eye
And hope the heart shines through
I need a word beyond
Past a simple thank you

When the words start flowing
Through tears it’s just too tough
I love you’s all we say
And know that that’s enough

Mom’s Way

Though you’ve passed beyond eye’s sight
We’ll find your Spirit here
Shining through in many ways
The gifts that your life shared

We’ll see you in a sunny day
Our spirit you will lift
Stirring heart be generous
In offering a gift

Dwelling in the innocence
Of child of the way
Share the Word of kindness
To brighten now their day

Found in decorations
As tinsel on a tree
Celebrations of our life
Dinner with family

With eye of awareness
God’s creatures suffering
Heart full of compassion
Food of the sharing

When the world is tempting
And selfishness we thirst
Remind us of your motto
Think of the other first

In hardships of this life
Be quick to turn and pray
Foundation of our soul
Our Lord be our mainstay

Your love flows through our veins
Through sacrifice of love
We’ll find it shining through
In One love from above

Beauty Outside and In

Who thought this was beautiful
The stained glass and the light
Must have been inspired
They surely got it right

Bountiful the color
There’s so much to see
Details so amazing
Flowing over me

Wonderful the setting
Gifts to soul a peace
Cast aside the worldly
Of all to release

Time to let it go
Prayer of soul begin
In this blessed setting
To beauty of within

Let Me Love

Oh Lord let me love
And love abundantly
Lord, let me love still
If they don’t love me

Oh Lord let me rejoice
Through your joy, reveal
The wonders of your love
And let nobody steal

Oh Lord, grant me peace
Surrounding in the air
When world is of thieving
Restore it through our prayer

Oh Lord, bless me the grace
Of the letting go
To focus on Your light
Way of forgiveness show

Oh Lord, forever seek
Your love my treasure be
Foundation of our faith
Through binding into thee

Like a Fragrance

God is like a fragrance
He is always there
Is our soul attuned?
Of Him, are we aware

He is always seeking
Of being permeate
Of His love abundant
Does not discriminate

Gift is offered to us
Left for us to chose
One of heavens treasure
Beauty to infuse

Let us change our focus
Of sense cultivate
Accepting gratefully
His gifts to contemplate


The old and the young
The rich and the poor
With heart of the humble
They come to restore

Relationship stained
Through evil of sin
They come to the light
Let cleansing begin

They speak of their sin
Confession impart
To an open ear
And compassionate heart

With Word of wisdom
To contemplate
Mercy is blessed
Absolution so great!

Little Chapel

In this little chapel
In this special place
Outside it is pouring
Inside’s reining grace

Darkened are the windows
Time of the night
Dwelling within
Shines a bright light

Season of the chilling
Frozen bones do know
View of the eternal
Warming is the glow

Eyes of the closing
A bonding create
Soul is clearly seeing
As love radiates

Though unseen our treasure
Light of love glows
Deep of receiving
The soul truly knows