Set Apart

Our desire here
This day to start
Oh Lord, may we
Be set apart

Who does God love?
His heart pursue
Those who love Him
And hate Him too

Who does God love?
Commandments taught
Those who follow
And those who do not

Who does God hold?
A grudge against
Well, no one
Mercy dispensed

Who does God take?
Revenge upon
Well, nobody
All are drawn

To be set apart
Our calling be
As He does love
So, must we

Biggest Liar

Deception through lies
Breeds fears and worries
Biggest liar I hear
Speaks inside of me

That I’ll lose my job
I’ll get sick and die
That I’m not loved
I just don’t know why

Pause for a moment
Higher focus to know
God’s in control
And He loves me so

Dwelling in prayer
Of Spirit to see
Our great Savior to know
Dwells inside of me

1 Corinthians 2:6-10

Brothers and sisters
We speak wisdom to you
Mature of the way
Beyond today’s view

Not of rulers today
Who are passing away
We speak wisdom of God
Of eternity’s way

Mysterious, hidden
One of Gods’ story
Before the ages
For our glory

Which none of the rulers
Of this age do know
For if they did know it
Their heart it would show

What eye has not seen
And ear has not heard
What God has prepared
Revealed through the Word

Come a Grazing

Infinite the depths
Scriptures so amazing
Let us dwell within
Soul to come to a grazing

Slowly here to savor
Word of the divine
Soaking of the Spirit
In this soul of mine

Food of the transforming
Inspiration, love
Being of the greater
Calling to above

Practice of the sharing
Joy found here within
Wisdom of the living
Here let us begin

Absorbing and Soaking

The flower petal opens
To receive the light
Through absorbency
Shines its’ beauty bright

The roots of trees seek
A soaking so deep
Through the cold winter
Its faith to keep

The lungs of the body
Draw the fresh air
Breath of the living

The soul of desire
Let the Spirit speak
Absorbing and soaking
Breath of life seek

Through Your Presence

Looking through Your Presence
Unto the other side
Desire of the heart
Of which to reside

Into the unseen
Of which the soul does know
In being of beyond
Where the Spirit flows

A finding deep within
This great mystery
The love of souls desire
Dwells inside of me

Let me be this window
Of transparency
The Presence of Your love
Through humility

Word to Be

Words impart
As morning light
Stirs the heart

Soaking in
The silent word
The inner place
Where Spirits heard

Treasures blessed
Words overflow
Showers gifts
Too much to know

Simple now
The way to see
As loves the only
Word to be

Morning Light

Come, come
Morning light
Over hills
Shining bright

Soak, soak
Morning light
Spirit flow
Warm insight

Fill, fill
Morning light
Welcome Lord
Clinging tight

Shine, shine
Morning light
Through the soul
With pure delight

Calm, calm
Morning light
Will be alright