A chasm was forged
Between heaven and earth
When we ate of the fruit
And sin given birth

The human heart longs
To cross the divide
But the distant grew great
Because of our pride

So we stand on the cliff
In this world we reside
We ponder the thought
Of the other side

Our pride screaming loud
I can do it my own
With power and toil
I fail and bemoan

The one who is love
Sent His dear Son
The gap filled with love
Restoration begun

I fall to my knees
Nothing I possess
Only through Jesus
His love I confess

I step out in faith
In trust I proceed
I fall into the arms
Of all that I need

The light shining bright
So grateful my soul
To the one who restores
Man to God whole

Let me shout out this truth
Of which all dear souls seek
By bringing His love
With heart humble and meek

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