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Two Voices

Two voices in your head
Struggle for control
The loud voice of the ego
The whisper of the soul

People of the using
Have yourself some fun
Take what you can get
You are number one

People of the binding
Let Gods will be done
Gods’ love of the sharing
Part of a greater One

Self-righteousness or grace
Pride or humility
Heart of fear or faith
Selfish or loving be

When path comes to the end
One day we will see
One leads into the grave
One to eternity

Of Tomorrow

What will come tomorrow
Fills us with worry
Loss of health or wealth
Or our security

For focus of tomorrow
Blinds the eye to see
The gift of this moment
One of such beauty

A person of tomorrow
Oh Lord, let me not be
But one attune to Spirit
To love those here with me

Let all of our tomorrows
Be not of our plans
For they are a gift
One within your hands

And still we want tomorrow
Our God so graciously
Gives us something greater
One of eternity

In God’s Hands

A deadline approaching
Work as hard as I can
But there’ll come a point
To leave it in God’s hands

They’re so mean and cruel
I just don’t understand
I’ll pray for their heart
And leave it in God’s hands

In this crazy world
Fear and worry expand
I share His love
And leave it in God’s hands

His way is not our way
He’s got a greater plan
We’ll practice our faith
And leave it in God’s hands

My body will die
For I’m just a man
For my eternal soul
I’ll leave it in God’s hands

Morning Mist Lingers

The morning mist lingers
The sunrise pours through
The Lord clearly shines
And the Spirit dwells too

So silent the rising
As birdsong begins
Stillness is drawing
A movement within

Inner of warming
A chill in the air
Prayer of beyond
Of being right here

And a reminder
Wherever we go
A beautiful comfort
Of peace here to know

The Tree and a Breeze

When blows the gentle breeze
The seedling seems to say
Hey leave me in peace
Won’t you go away

To nudge in all directions
To tree, the breeze does show
Stretching far and wide
Its roots which way to grow

When the fierce winds come
The tree begins to see
That the gentle breeze
Was just preparing me

Now the great oak sways
With blessing the breeze sends
As they dance together
In joy, these lifelong friends

Many Prayers

Such joy overflowed
When you were born here
You are the answer
To many prayers

Of how Jesus has saved you
In this world of fear
You hold the answer
To many prayers

Through self-sacrifice
In ways that you care
You have been the answer
To many prayers

If you will follow
The Spirits voice, hear
You can be the answer
To many prayers

In joy of the journey
With Gods love to share
You will be the answer
To many prayers

Greater in Here

Walls can’t contain You
Of this I’m aware
But praying in Church
It’s greater in here

So brilliant the sunrise
The light shining clear
But through the stained glass
It’s greater in here

I see that’s it’s true
That You are everywhere
But I feel that Your Presence
It’s greater in here

You can’t love us more
Cherished so dear
But somehow, I feel
It’s greater in here

Throughout of day
A practice of prayer
Your deepness of dwelling
It’s greater in here

Our life that is blessed
With gifts that You share
But finding Your joy
It’s greatest in here

Time with The Flowers

Take time with the flowers
A practice here this day
Who knows what we will find
When pausing in the way

Many shapes and colors
A pleasure here to see
Each one is a unique
Of fragrance blessing me

A hopeful bursting bud
Or fully in their prime
A family of sharing
Some beyond their time

Have a closer look
Of many layers be
Incredible the details
Of intricate beauty

Filling of emotions
Joyful, feeling glad
Binding with their friends
Or drooping feeling sad

Petals, soft and tender
To treat delicately
Together we can share
Our vulnerability

Taking time with people
With another view
In souls that we encounter
We find the same is true

Come Presence of Morning

Come Presence of morning
Of light pouring through
An opening dawning
Invitation into

Come Presence of morning
Of new birth begin
Embrace of stillness
Of welcoming in

Come Presence of morning
Sweet silent sounds
Creation to offer
One binding surrounds

Come Presence of morning
With love as its song
That calls one and all
To the One we belong

A Song Lord

Bless me a song Lord
A psalm, soft and clear
That you love me so
My soul longs to hear

Bless me Your peace Lord
Remain ever near
Be my protection
Cast away fear

Let me trust you Lord
My soul be aware
That all that I need
Is that You are here

Help me to serve
Compassion to care
Outpouring of love
The joy that we share