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Dance of the Divine

Let us dance a dance
Rejoicing in our prayer
Embraced in the twirling
Spirit everywhere

Hand in hand in binding
Human and divine
Endorphins overflowing
Grace of God is mine

Soul rejoices gladly
In Your love so bright
Heart to heart together
Being our delight

Gaze is fixed in love
Spirit binding strong
Adored is the beloved
In oneness we belong

Let fragrance of this song
Flow from our presence wide
Love unbound in sharing
Jesus by our side



A fallen mist in new days rise
Dwells within the seen
Calling soul to contemplate
A mystery to gleam

The normal view obscured
Turns lens a different way
To gift of Your indwelling
Of Spirits voice we pray

A sign post in the way
States we cannot see clear
That we must walk by faith
In hold of our God dear

Perhaps as desert dwellers
It’s God descending here
Loves embrace is present
Dwelling everywhere

Or souls of greater place
Reach out to us in love
In touch of guiding hand
Their prayers sent from above

Maybe just a conversation
An opportunity
A prayer within the bonding
To turn our heart to thee

The Snare of the Routine

The snare of the routine is set before my path
Waiting for me to drift into apathy
Let me turn away

Your prepared treasures await my acceptance
Let me relish the miracles of Your grace
And become alive

Let my heart sing joyfully
Let me dwell in the beauty of Your presence
Let me connect with souls encountered
Let blessings sprout from my lips
Let challenges guide
Let the Spirit arise

Let this day not pass me by

A Friend In Me

Would you give me a moment?
To sit and be
Because I love to love you

I want you to know
The realness of me
To find faith in me

I want you to know
The comfort of my embrace
To find compassion in me

I want you to know
My devotion to you
To find trust in me

I want you to know
My blessings for you
To find abundance in me

I want you to know
I love you
To find a friend in me

Branches Bare

The stage is set, for winters cold
Branches now are bare
Plain gray clouds paint the scene
Barrenness in the air

The season planned by grand design
The master’s wisdom on display
A simple turn of warming light
Let’s the colors fall away

Reflection of our treasures sought
Of world or heavens grace
A choice is placed before the will
An eternal decision, we must face

The toys of now that gleam and shine
Will share the fate of leaves of rust
Or things unseen, we do not earn
In gifts of God we place our trust

In letting go, in serving now
In prayer and praises sung
In souls we meet, connections made
A trust in God’s own Son


Sky of cloudless blue
Reflects a greater place
An ocean of Your love
With drops of endless grace

The evergreen stands tall
With arms of timeless praise
Through heat and bitter cold
From purpose never strays

A stilling pond of peace
Reflects Your beauty found
Shines the hope within
Your Presence that surrounds

The leaf of movement slow
Opens to Your light
Nourished by the wisdom
Absorbed in silence bright

Upon a whispered breeze
Uplifting song of joy
Leaps the solemn soul
A movement to deploy

Street of Misunderstanding

Walking down a street
That sells tattoos and beer
A gray hung over sky
Says no Lord is here

Disheveled souls pass by
No hope within the eyes
A stranger to this land
Enters a thought of why?

I want a land of heaven
Love abounding spread
Joy within the scene
Word of hope ahead

I sit in coffee shop
And see the crowd drift in
See dear souls connect
The soul alights in grin

A simple how you doin
Is how the day begins
A joke lifts up the spirit
Connecting soul within

A tight community
One that has your back
Our God who knows the heart
Sees what my eyes lack

A lesson has been learned
To seek what’s in the heart
Not judgment from surface
A humble grace impart

A Gentle Touch

Your light shines on my shoulder
Bursting through the gray
Awaken Spirit blessing
Your message here this day

Reminder in the touching
Of gentleness beyond
Your presence dwells within
My soul, of which Your fond

Let lightness be my Spirit
A gentle way to be
My shepherd guides this lamb
In way of touching me

A movement of the heart
A wisp of silent breeze
A choice is blessed before
An opportunity to seize

So let me live aware
Your Spirit here to bring
Your gentle way of being
Be our offering


How thirsty is the ego
To drink the pride of me
Intoxicate perspective
To feed my vanity

Pride we name this evil
Declare Jesus is my king
Rescue me my Savior
Be my everything

Soul gaze in Your eyes
Ego fade away
Humbleness of Spirit
Be my way I pray

You sent Your Son beloved
To bring Your message true
To open heaven’s door
Of will given to You

To give us greater purpose
Beyond this world we find
A soul of transformation
Of earthly to divine

Oh blessed be the poor
In need of everything
Humbleness of being
Praise to You we sing